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Silver Spring MD United States

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Raymond Hemby

Silver Spring

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Birth Name Raymond Hemby , I was born on July 10 1996 with a very rare condition called SCID which stands for severe combined Immunol deficiency which almost took my life, But here i am today making music and doing what i love. I always had a dream of becoming a rapper since the age of 6. I would write little raps about soda and anything i could get my hands on to write about. But the older i got it didn't die down it got better. I started to be able to form real sentences and stick with a topic, And write anything that deeply resides with me. Some may be violent some maybe heartfelt.

When i finally hit the age of 14 i decided that i will make a career out of doing what i love and that nothing could stop me. I have dropped one mixtape called iamstylez full of remixes and my latest project is called project x. When i turned 15 trying to get into a studio was money my family didn't have. So a Next door neighbor of mine had chipped in and BOOM, I had a high quality microphone and the programs i needed to get started, Ever since then i have been recording my own music. I have also recored a couple of singles for other people used on there mixtapes and albums

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