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odenton MD United States

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Well imma young talented kid whos heart is stuck to the love of hiphop!!! i was born in st. croix usvi!! been to several high schools around america!!!! i started loving hiphip music like at the age of 7 or 8! then i made up my mind that thats my future career right there and then!! after bow wow got sign so young i felt i could do it too!!!
Till this day i never thought of being anybody else! but sucessful famous!!!!!! my talent is to die for! not braggin but it true! i did alot of track with artists! and the ones i did with them have been the best track they ever worked on! even producers tell me the same ! i paint a picture that is clearly understood! and not just rhymes!!!!!!!!!!!!

hip hop is my life!!!! i had a dream that my and P.DIDDY was on tour together!!!! then it switch into jay z!!! the dream felt so real!!!!!! now i dont kno who its gonna be but im chasing that dream!!!!!!!!!! till i die!!!!


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