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Location Wichita, KS


2525 E Douglas Wichita KS 67211 United States
PHONE 800.835.3006 FAX 316.684.6858 www.wichitaband.com/ musicpage.com/wichitaband


Member since: 03/29/2012 Year Founded: 1953


Our shop is located in Wichita, Kansas - a pleasant city in the middle of the USA.

Although most of our customers ask us to ship by UPS, many prefer to visit our shop. Wichita's only a couple of hours by air from anywhere in America.

When you call us for information, you talk to a real person who actually knows something about musical instruments.

Service after the sale. This one's important: with the exception of damage to carrying cases, no matter what kind of damage happens, we'll fix it, absolutely for free, for two years. Have a look at our guarantee printed below! Our repair shop is the best in the country! Anything that we have used has been rebuilt so that it plays like a new one!

Good selection and short waiting times. Why order a musical instrument that won't be delivered for months and months? We have almost everything now, ready to ship to you!

Decades of ethical and reputable service. Since 1953 we've sold, repaired and restored musical instruments. You should see our "happy customer file"!

So the next time you're considering a musical instrument of quality, give us a call. We offer advice on what's best for you, information on restoration and repair and fast delivery times on hard-to-get items. If you buy something, you'll discover our prices to be the lowest, our selection superb and our service-after-the-sale to be the best in America.


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