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Mesa, AZ AZ United States

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Jewel, Massive Attack, This Mortal Coil, Simon & Garfunkel, Mandalay, Cocteau Twins, Sarah MaGlaughlan, Mazzy Star, Radiohead, Heather Nova, Natalie Merchant,

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Member since: 06/19/2016 Year Founded: 1995


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Virginia Traut




  • Original material: 05 hrs : 10 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 10 min
  • CDs sold: 2000
  • Licensed songs: 14
  • Original Songs: 61
  • CDs released: 4
  • Digital songs sold: 100


Virginia™, the U.S. singer/songwriter, kicked off her career as a multiple award winning AMA recipient for Top Female Vocalist and Best Female Solo Performer for several consecutive years in a row. She also received nominations for Best Song of the Year with her song, 'So Sweet' which made it's debut on her second and final release with NJ/UK based indie label, Gig Records. That release, known as the Hush e.p., made Virginia the recipient of yet another nomination for Best Album of the Year at the Asbury Music Awards. She has shared the stage with world wide artists such as Tracy Chapman, Chris Connelly of Ministry, Miles Hunt and the Wonder Stuff, The Violent Femmes and the Smithereens.

Virginia was born on the cusp of Aries & Pisces, just outside the Midwestern city of Chicago. In addition to her vocal and songwriting expertise, Virginia™ is also a known poet, model, photographer, lyricist and soon to be novelist. Above all her accomplishments and talents, it is fair to say that Virginia™ is most famously known for the hypnotic and haunting quality of her voice, the intensity of her sex-appeal and the authenticity of her uniquely, profound and honest writing style. The dichotomy of Virginia's Fire and Water astrological symbols are a perfect metaphor when it comes to describing her ability to cohesively adapt to such an expansive range of creative diversity and artistic direction.

Virginia has rightfully found and claimed her own unique space among the millions of genres that have recently culminated from an ever-evolving mixed media ring of technology colliding and creativity dividing. Some of these genres include spoken word music, film & soundtrack, mood music, singer/songwriter, electronic blues, heart and soul, meditation, trip-hop, alternative, indie, world and vocal just to name a few. Her songs not only offer a variation in mood and vibe, but also a declaration that lyrics are more than just words to be memorized. “Lyrics are poetic by nature and ought to be listened to with the same focus and appreciation as one puts into deconstructing beats, rhythms, melodies and bass lines.” vIrgInIa's natural ethereal quality, acoustic-based songwriting and hypnotically haunting voice are just a few charismatic attributes that create such an attractive, artistic allure.

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