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PO Box 5455 Atlanta GA 31107 United States
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Member since: 06/26/2011

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Two Sheds was formed in Jackson, Mississippi in 1996. John Graham, the label's founder, formed a label originally to release 4-track recording he'd been working on, and to help distribute recordings by friends of his (fortunately for the rest of the world, those 4-track recordings STILL haven't seen the light of day!). The label released its first recording in 1997, and followed that with the distribution of three other titles that are no longer in print.

After relocating to Atlanta and taking a two-year hiatus to learn a new local music scene, Two Sheds began releasing records in earnest in 2000. The label originally focused on local bands and regional promotion and distribution; however, the success of the label and the bands on its roster has increased the scope of the label's operations to nationwide promotional efforts. Still, the label has stayed true to its original mission by focusing primarily on Atlanta and Athens bands.

When the time came to expand beyond the label's one-man operations, John knew his only choice for a partner was Brad Benton. John met Brad in 1986 when both were working for the same accounting firm in Mississippi (the same national accounting firm that spawned Gibby Haynes). John and Brad spent many a night driving to and from New Orleans and Memphis to see bands, and had often talked of forming a music venture. Brad had relocated to Atlanta a year after John did and was a natural fit with the label.

Despite the fact that the label is run by two accountants, Two Sheds strives to operate as an artist-friendly label. Bands are given full creative control of their projects. Each project is run as a true partnership between artist and label, where proceeds are shared. In order to maintain open communications and to foster positive relationships, Two Sheds has preferred to focus on local bands. Rather than having a certain "sound," Two Sheds looks for artists who craft good songs. As a result, our releases have included punk, folk, bluegrass, psychedelic pop, hardcore, and good ol' indie rock.