Two Pump Chump

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Rock, Rocksteady, party Music


Louisville KY United States

Sounds Like

La guns, ACDC, Bloodhound gang, salty dog, Two Pump Chump

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Member since: 03/21/2013 Year Founded: 1998


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Sean Burton


Drums 502-419-3713
Mail alt 16x12 Scott Cook
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Scott Cook

Lebanon Junction

Singer 502-744-2868


  • Original material: 04 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 4
  • CDs sold: 4400
  • Digital songs sold: 150
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 400
  • Largest crowd: 3,000
  • Have sound: Full PA


Two Pump Chump started from 3 lesbians and a can of tuna-fish at a Billy Graham Crusade… Or so the legend goes.

The truth is, the seeds for the band were planted in 1999 when Scott Cook (vocals) and Brad Mattingly (lead guitar) started a crusade to form the greatest party-rock band the world had ever known. After several lineup changes and copious hangovers, in 2003, the current roster was settled and the great girlfriend stealing journey was embarked upon. It was Two Pump Chump and it was good. Armed with attitude, instruments and plenty of beer the band brought their own brand of fun rock-n-roll to the masses. Rounding out the lineup are Traz (rythm/lead guitar), Sean Burton (drums) and Dave Bennett (bass).

Two Pump Chump is currently a regular featured guest on the radio program The Local Music Hour with Mudd on WTFX 93.1FM in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. They can also be heard worldwide on the internet radio program The Den of Sin with Fender on The band has been featured, on numerous occasions, in Louisville newspapers Velocity Weekly as well as gracing the cover of Louisville Music News. 2009 marked the release of the bands highly anticipated third album "Get You Some", produced by their manager, respected music industry veteran Niq Wittig. Joining the Chumps at the start of 2008, having worked with a number of legendary rock and metal acts, Niq is a welcome addition to the team.

"What if Poison, Guns 'N Roses and Lynrd Skynyrd got together today, got REALLY drunk and decided to make a record. That's a little taste of what 'Get You Some' is like." -Niq Wittig (Manager/Producer)

TPC, while never taking themselves too seriously, has become a seasoned Louisville-based rock band, continually adding to a set list currently featuring more than 40 originals as well as numerous covers. Their live shows have made them infamous in the local scene and they have generated an impressive fan base stretching from the states all the way to the United Kingdom. Their hard rockin', high energy (and sometimes controversial) performances have made them a fan favorite at many venues in the U.S.. The Chumps have rocked the stage with popular 80's bands including Skid Row, Quiet Riot and Krokus and have also had the privilege of sharing the stage with modern rock acts such as 3 Days Grace, Hawthorne Heights and Black Stone Cherry just to name a few. Able to draw an ever-growing crowd, Two Pump Chump is going strong and shows no signs fading.

With the help of their newfound representation, Two Pump Chump is running like a well oiled machine and with their newest album “Get You Some”, The Chumps have their sights set on breaking new ground for themselves musically as well as professionally. When asked the secret to the band, they would probably simply respond, "beer". So, have a drink and enjoy the show. This Chump's for you!

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