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some people eat to live. me, i create music. it wakes me from sleep and is the soundtrack of your dreams and all the rollercoasters never built, but which go under water and in between cars on the road and people on the sidewalk. whatever question you have, i have been blessed to have written a song or musical composition with its answer. if you don't hear 'that' answer, ask me; i probably already have that composition, but it's just not posted here.

my sound, quite simply, is audio photography, because a photo alone cannot morph in front of you. so the music is the lens that zooms and blurs in and out on the images from multiple angles and tones, from color to black and white to duotone. this is the result of candid, simple phrases via multiple instruments woven together to either form intricate, multi-layered textures that build as a composition stretches out or resists extra spices. always, it's about allowing all the tones room to breath.

i can read music, but i never really learned much of anyone else's music, because it didn't make much sense to me. kinda felt like using someone else's report, but simply changing a few words here -n- there. that said, i feel like what comes forth is pure, because i never learned someone else's musical vocabulary, but developed my own. that said, I've had to took the winding road to get here. my journey just to get on this avenue has spanned 30+ years, as only in the past few have i been able to sufficiently capture what the dictating muse furiously spews. so only now am i truly starting to share this music, because there is nothing like it, yet a cosmic void to fill.

i write and perform all my material...using any and all the following: my voice, electric guitar, bass, drums, synths, piano, orchestral instruments and vocals. while i have a distinct sound, it's not limited to one genre, but if you must pigeonhole it, it is the none of the above sound. it is mind-altering cosmic spunk...that's the result of me listening to where the music tell me to take you; sometimes it leans toward alt rock or modern rock, other times it's an instrumental melding of them or orchestral pop; often either has also a tinge of middle eastern flavor, and all of the above. it is what you didn't know you need, but have been waiting for.

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