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TigerSEO Marketing® was started in 2006 by E-Platform Marketing, LLC as the brand name for the concept of customized, scalable internet marketing programs. TigerSEO Marketing became it's own entity in 2015, and serves clients in the southeast USA.

In 2008, E-Platform Marketing acquired Digital Search Media. This acquisition enhanced the agency's creative and technical capabilities by adding skills for public relations, marketing promotions, and social media management.

Our online marketing services for bands and musicians may be generally categorized as:

- Brand Development and management including online reputation management.
- Social Media Marketing for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other destination sites.
- Public Relations (PR) for press releases and media opportunities.
- Website design, development, maintenance including support services for domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, and more.
- Consulting and data intelligence for internet marketing strategy development including analytics for website traffic and conversions.

Why you should consider our agency
It’s relatively easy to find an outfit that builds WordPress websites however; it’s a challenge to find an agency loaded with real world business experience. We have over 30 years of experience working in senior management, sales, marketing and operations. We understand budget concerns, urgency, competitive pressures and the need to generate revenue.

We’ve worked with start-ups, struggling companies, disaster turnarounds and juggernauts where thriving on chaos was an everyday event.

Our real world business experience, combined with expert technical knowledge, enables us to create meaningful and effective deliverables. If you want optimal results, you need real business professionals. We have an intellectual advantage over the majority of internet marketing companies because of our experience. We’ve worked with start-ups, struggling companies, disaster turnarounds and juggernauts where thriving on chaos was an everyday event.

Our value proposition is thinking creatively to develop effective exact-fit solutions at reasonable rates.

TigerSEO programs are customized to provide exact-fit solutions. We know that every business has it’s own unique situation. We take time to develop an understanding of your business to determine how our companies can best work together.

The first step is to explore your past internet marketing efforts, competitive situation, and goals. From this we can begin to uncover existing problems, identify strategic opportunities and frame a strategic internet marketing plan.

The second step is a critical assessment of your online presence. Items to review include website technical integrity, on page optimization, back-links profile, analytics, social media pages, local search business pages and usable content. From this assessment we identify things we can leverage, areas to improve, and missing pieces we need to develop.

The third step is planning for the development of deliverables, services implementation and account management. This step moves into an ongoing process to measure and adjust our work to affect optimal results. Variables such as algorithm changes, new best practices and competitive situations are heavy influences on how we serve our clients.

We’ve developed a process that is proven to deliver very positive results. Our flexibility and use of a fluid work flow process enables us to consistently move our clients forward, and do so in a cost effective manner.


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