The Soldier Story

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Indie, Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock Ambient, Modern rock, Instrumentals, Folk rock More...


New Haven CT United States

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The National, Death Cab For Cutie, Peter Gabriel, Coldplay, Bon Iver, Mew, Pedro the Lion

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Member since: 08/14/2014 Year Founded: 1999


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Colin Meyer

New Haven



  • Original material: 02 hrs : 15 min
  • Average Draw: 30
  • Largest crowd: 150
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 25
  • Original Songs: 38
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 400
  • Digital songs sold: 800


Based in New Haven, CT, The Soldier Story is the moniker for multi-instrumentalist and producer Colin Meyer. Born and raised in a musical family, Meyer got an early start at age 9, learning drums, and shortly after bass and guitar. Immediately, he fell in love with making records and performing and continued working with numerous bands throughout the late 80’s and 90’s.

Originally based in southern New Hampshire, The Soldier Story originally formed in late 1999 comprised of Bryce Daugherty (vocals, guitar), Nick Dika (guitar), Mick Swan (bass), Colin Meyer (drums, guitar), Kristen Meyer (cello) and Tamera Locke (sax). In the early 2000’s they wrote nearly two albums of material that never made it to recording. Musical differences caused more than half the band to leave early on. By 2005, the band had been reduced to a husband and wife duo. Together, Colin and Kristen Meyer they spent the next few years putting together the pieces that would become their first record.

In 2007, the Meyer family relocated to New Haven, CT, to a basement apartment with a studio converted garage. Finally, after a full decade of writing and experimenting, Colin Meyer and his wife Kristen released their winter inspired debut Wait in early 2009.

The Soldier Story supported their debut release with brief stints of touring throughout 2009 and 2010, recruiting the help of multi-instrumentalist Jonny Rodgers, drummer Jon Kirsch and original bassist Mick Swan. During these years, Kristen Meyer left the band to focus her efforts more on her design/staging career, while Colin Meyer toured with his other groups Mon Monarch and Ten Shekel Shirt.

In 2011, Colin Meyer began writing for The Soldier Story again, which had now become a moniker for his solo project. He spent the next two years in the studio, self producing, engineering, and performing the parts that would become the next record.

On October 1st 2013, The Soldier Story’s well received sophomore record Rooms of the Indoors was released. The new record is full of both intimacy and intensity, with “beautiful lyrics surrounded by layers of genius. On first listen this album seems to be a great rainy day listen filled with emotional musicianship”. -Wordkrapht

The sound of Rooms of the Indoors has been compared to artists like The National, Peter Gabriel, Death Cab For Cutie, and Pedro the Lion. In support of the new record The Soldier Story is currently touring with the help of musicians Eric Dawson Tate, and Andrew Zsigmond.
-B. Johnson

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