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St. Paul MN United States

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Mix of rock, alternative & blues



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Member since: 08/09/2012 Year Founded: 2010


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The Scandal Hounds are a group of head food connoisseurs and skull candy creators. You could call us a rock band but we are more of a mix of blues, classic rock, alternative, hard rock & other influences. We currently work out of the Minneapolis/St. paul Minnesota area. We like to make music so good you'll want to kiss your ears in gratidue for hearing it.

We are currently finishing work on our first CD titled "Enjoy the View". We have just released two songs on the internet that we feel showcase our sound and style. The first single, "Get It Right" shows our fun loving let's all have a party rock n' roll style. The second single, "No Parachute", shows our more artistic sensitive and ponderous but manly rock style. We are going to be using these songs in our online promotion for the upcoming CD as well as gaining exposure on the net. In the near future we will be launching our website with a free download of our song "Pharmaceutical Crave" for all fans that join our site and/or mailing list.

Wolfgang Carter is our lead singer, guitarist and main song writer. He has an addiction to song writing. He has written 11 of the 12 songs on our upcoming CD, plus has many more ready to go for our follow-up CD. We call his songs mind bombs. Because once you hear it chances are you'll be hearing it your head repeatedly and humming it to yourself afterwards. Wolfgang was an independent artist when we joined forces. At the time he was writing, performing all the instruments, engineering and producing all his songs himself. You can search Reverbnation for him by name, to hear his previous works.

Brian and Damien are the back bone of our band. Their bass and drum combination are truly a force to be heard. Brian is not your typical bass player. He has a distinctive and melodic touch. Damien is a thunderous drummer who could easily draw comparison to the legendary John Bonham. They have played together since high school in various bands. They are best known for their work on the Magnus Apollo "Opus 1" CD and have also released two CDs with guitarist Mike O'Malley under the band name "No Walls". Although they come from a progressive rock background they are well versed musicians that understand how to write and play what a songs needs no matter the genre.

Our goal is to continue to have a blast playing and writing music together as we bring our fans along for the ride. Our motto is "Be true, stay strong and rock on".

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