The Odd Get Even

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Funk, Jazz, Instrumentals, World Fusion Soul, Piano, Indie, Jam bands, World, Zydeco, Fusion More...


San Diego / Chicago CA United States

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Weather Report, Spyro Gyra, 70's Fusion

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Member since: 07/25/2014 Year Founded: 2008


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Bill Ray

San Diego

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Bill Cornish



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Killer grooves? Funk that make you want to get up and move your body? Musical left-turns that surprise and energize your brain? If you're sitting there nodding your head then you're our kind of people. (If you are looking at this quizzically like a dog that just heard a wierd noise, still need to give it a listen!)

The Odd Get Even is a collaboration between keyboardist Bill Cornish and drummer Bill Ray. The songs started out as improvised drum tracks by Ray around which Cornish fleshed out the details and provided a compositional framework. The result is an energetic and unique blend of styles full of creative twists and turns. Better than your favorite energy drink (and without the crash).

Think Weather Report meets Garaj Mahal. Or Headhunters-era Herbie Hancock. Or maybe vintage Jeff Beck (well, okay, without the guitars).

June 22, 2011
Mark Johnson

Together they have made a funky, groove oriented jazzy chill album with twelve tracks that are full of soul. The keyboard work and drums are truly inspired and drive the production well. Chris Hale's guest bass is a great addition to the sound, providing depth and the guitar highlights. 'Trance Dance' is an excellent opener getting things off to a fast rhythmic start. The percussion work takes songs like 'Revenge of the Odd' and 'Insomnia' to the top of the class on this album. There are great reminders of some of Steely Dan's instrumental sections running throughout the production making this a must buy for any fan of their sound set to jazzier rhythms. This is great backyard party jazz for the summer. The title track with its blistering guitar solo is one of the highlights, along with 'Noir', 'B-Side Shuffle', 'Into the Wild' and 'Jambalaya'. Heck there are no bad tracks on this album.
They do a great job laying down some groovy jazz that will fill your afternoon or evening full of rhythm.

The Indie Music Review

May 06, 2011

Not only does this two-man band have the last good remaining band name in the U.S., they create some really interesting fusion/jazz/somewhat experimental music.

San Diego City Beat

March 01, 2010

Remember that episode of Freaks and Geeks when the Neil Peart-obsessed kid experiences the revelatory drumming of Buddy Rich for the first time? While snobs argue about the differences between lo-fi, shitgaze and post-whatever, these musical veterans bust out a combination of B-movie sleaze, sexploitation and prog that can awe the most jaded hipster.

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