The Jinxes

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Folk and Traditional, Singer songwriter, Indie, Pop AAA, Adult contemporary, California Soul, folk pop More...


Monterey CA United States

Sounds Like

Taylor Swift, The Weepies, Civil Wars, The Lumineers

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Member since: 09/05/2013 Year Founded: 2010


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Kevin Smith


Singer/Guitarist 831-524-1989
Mail alt 16x12 Deanna Ross
Thumb the jinxes   indie folk duo from the monterey bay

Deanna Ross


Singer/Songwriter 831-272-2238


  • Original material: 01 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 15 min
  • CDs sold: 400
  • Licensed songs: 4
  • Original Songs: 9
  • CDs released: 2
  • Digital songs sold: 100


An indie folk/pop duo from the Monterey Bay.

Thanks to we were signed to our first music library and our now being represented by five music libraries.

Primarily songwriters, The Jinxes is a collaboration between Monterey Bay Area singer/songwriters Kevin Smith and Deanna Ross. Inspired by the creative process and each other, The Jinxes explore upbeat, harmony-rich terrain in their co-written work.

Deanna is a songwriter, dancer, choreographer, teacher, proud birthmom, and super-blessed daughter, sister and friend! She just started her first novel.

Kevin is a guitarist, gadget geek, songwriter, internet hound, father of two lovely kids, and regular dude.

When not playing music, The Jinxes can be found happily puttering in the kitchen, sweating in a dance studio, or exploring other artists’ work.

If you'd like to see another facet of their collaborative work, here's a link to Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, a dance piece choreographed by Deanna with video by Kevin.


June 25, 2013
Kate Derringer Barclay

In general, all of the tracks have a very indie hipster vibe. I didn’t originally have high hopes for this band but, they definitely surprised me. Their music will probably surprise you as well. It has a very mellow, indie sound that is perfect for summer days at the beach.

Middle Tennessee Music

May 18, 2013
Joshua Smotherman

Any time I hear an acoustic guitar accompanied by orchestral instrumentation in a pristine mix, I feel great inside.

The Jinxes must have heard my call for something a little different and refreshing because on this EP they definitely Send Me A Sign.

When the disc ends with the song Send Me A Sign and I hear an equally awesome mix of video game-esque layered sounds dancing around behind that awesome sounding acoustic guitar, I have to double check to make sure I’m listening to the same album…

It all blends so well together I’m left wanting 4 more songs once it stops spinning. So how long do I have to wait to hear the next 4 songs?


May 07, 2013
Nic Raffo

Simplicity is key to The Jinxes sound. They take you back to a time when music was just a singer, guitar and a microphone. It’s fresh, nothing fancy and beautifully simple.


May 01, 2013
Ryan Noakes

Their vocal harmonies are pure perfection. One might even be tempted to call them this generation’s Simon & Garfunkle, as the beauty of their harmonies are very similar to the beauty of Simon & Garfunkle’s vocal harmonies, as well as the fact that both Smith and Ross take turns singing the lead vocals, and the folk-rock/folk-pop sound of The Jinxes songwriting.

The songwriting is simple and enchanting, full of grounded lyrics and great harmony. I was very sad when the 4th and final track ended, because there was no more to listen to. Such is the way with EP’s; when you like the band they are never long enough to satisfy you. I really enjoyed this disk, and can’t wait to hear a full-length album in the future!

Indie Shuffle

April 20, 2013
Christiana Bartolini

The Jinxes have a beautiful grasp on composing delicate folk gems with ease.

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