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The Greatest Gift
Written by Andrea Williams of Tehillah Enterprises

Rarely does a Gospel ensemble take your breath away after the first listen. Gospel trio The Greatest Gift has been blessed with the ability to deliver spirited performances with songs that move the heart and stir the soul. Beautifully-blended harmonies, top-notch instrumentation and superior songwriting have set this group apart in the genre of Christian music. It’s no wonder that Wayne Patterson, Mike Biasin and Krys Smith have won more than 97 awards for their music. After releasing two albums Come Into His Presence and Fishers of Men, they are now dropping a new single from the latest release entitled “The Lighthouse”.

Wayne and Mike have been singing for the past 20 years; Krys joined the duo a few years ago which started their journey as The Greatest Gift. Together, they make beautiful music. Wayne is the group’s songwriter and lead vocalist, Mike is the pianist and vocalist and Krys is a vocalist and a flutist. In 2015, the trio released their debut record entitled Come Into His Presence. Although the group already had a loyal fan base in the Northeast US (and in southern Maine where they are based), the new project introduced them as recording artists and exposed them to a much larger audience. The debut was followed by a sophomore project, Fishers of Men. Both projects included a who’s who of musicians including Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), David Northrop (The Oak Ridge Boys), Violinist Jenée Fleanor (Blake Shelton, Martina McBride) and producers Bill Watson from Nashville Trax and Bob Catalano from Bobcat Studios.

One of the many highlights of the latest musical offering is the single, “The Lighthouse”, penned by the group’s leader, Wayne Patterson. Patterson recounts the impetus for writing the moving song. He said, “I was walking on a beach in New Hampshire and saw a man standing in the lighthouse; he was directing boats under a bridge. I was moved to pray for him and asked God that if he wasn’t saved He would send someone to talk with him about Christ. At that moment, he looked at me. It was like he heard my prayer. Then, I waved to him and left. Ten years later I returned. I looked up at the lighthouse; there was no one there and it was dark. In the distance, I could see someone walking towards me. I said ‘How are you?’ He said, ‘I noticed you were looking at the lighthouse. May I ask why?’ I told him the story of what had happened 10 years before and the gentleman said, ‘That man’s been gone for almost two years. He retired a couple of years ago and the light’s been off since then’. The man began to walk away, but then turned around and said, ‘I am the man. Your prayer worked; I go to little church near here’. After that, I went home and wrote the song, ‘The Lighthouse’.

It’s riveting stories like this that each member of the trio has experienced. Wayne’s musical journey started at the age of 11 when he picked up the guitar. He didn’t put it down and quickly became consumed with his gift of music. Years later, he met Mike. Legally blind since birth, Mike started playing the piano, organ and guitar as a youth. Mike and Wayne met at an audition for another pianist. Divine intervention interrupted predetermined plans and Wayne and Mike started ministering in song together. It wasn’t until Wayne’s daughter said to him, “If you keep playing as much as you do, I won’t know who you are” that he put the guitar down and gave up music until she turned 18.

The day after, he and Mike resumed playing. Krys, the granddaughter of Moody Bible Institute ministers, began singing, taking piano lessons and playing the flute as a child. She has many years of experience singing and playing in churches nationwide prior to joining The Greatest Gift a few years ago. Since that time, they have played at countless churches and events, praising God through song and sharing the love of Christ wherever they go.

The trio has won dozens of awards including the 2015 and 2016 Pine Tree State Country Music Association’s Gospel Band of the Year, the Down East County Music Association’s Gospel Band of the Year and New England’s Northeast Invitational Country Showdown’s Gospel Band of the Year. In March 2016, the group attended the North American Country Music Association International in Pigeon Forge and won Gospel Band of the Year, Gospel Album of the Year, and a Horizon Award for songwriting in all 50 states and Canada. In Maine, they won 12 awards at Pine Tree State Country Music Association including Gospel Vocal Group and Gospel Album of the Year. They won 16 awards for Down East Country Music Association (DECMA). For songwriting alone, The Greatest Gift won 12 awards. In March 2017, they returned to the North American Country Music Association International Competition and won 16 awards including Instrumentalist of the Year, Adult traditional Gospel-Mike Biasin, Duo of the Year For Adult Traditional Gospel for Krys and Katey Smith, Songwriter of the Year for Adult New Gospel for Wayne Patterson’s for “Remember I Love You”, the Rising award, Album of the Year for Adult Gospel for “Fishers of Men”, the Most Promising Video of the Year for Adult Gospel Meet the Band (with video produced by Katey Smith), the Vocal Group of the Year for Adult New Gospel and the Band of the Year for Adult New Gospel. In 2017, The Greatest Gift competed again at the Pine Tree State Country Music Association and won Gospel Band of the Year, Gospel Vocal Group of the Year, and took 2nd place for Album of the Year. They also won one of their most prestigious awards, the Horizon Award, for the fastest rising group, duo or artist.

In 2017, The Greatest Gift released its 3rd album, Let Us Rejoice. The project is an intimate praise and evangelistic album, bringing honor and glory to the Lord and bringing His people into His presence. Patterson, the songwriter, reminds the listener that there is no other name, other than Jesus Christ, by which any man can be saved. Patterson says, “You are the only Hope that this world will ever know or will ever need.” The trio prays that through the writings of these songs that many souls will be touched and brought to the cross where their lives will be changed forever.

Self-described as an evangelistic musical group with the sole purpose of evangelizing God’s Word to a world that so desperately needs to know our Lord and Savior, these three individuals are serious about impacting the lives of people. The Bible says a three-fold cord is not easily broken and this passage easily applies to Wayne, Mike and Krys. Wayne says, “We each have different gifts and when we come together, we give those gifts to each other. As we give gifts to each other, we give gifts to the world, too. This group is God-breathed and not man-breathed. I remember the Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘I am the greatest story that’s ever been told and my greatest gift to the world is my Son, Jesus Christ’”.

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