The Grass Fed Giants

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Phoenix AZ United States

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Jason Isbell, First Aid Kit, Shovels & Rope

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Member since: 11/01/2016 Year Founded: 2016


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The GFG - Smooth as Fine Bourbon

The Grass Fed Giants mix contemporary Americana songs like a veteran bartender mixes a fine Old Fashioned – selecting only the finest tunes to serve up a bittersweet blend of the heartache, wry observation and joy.. poured from the songwriting bottles of today’s generation of great Americana artists.

Somewhere down the road, folks may look back at the last few years as a sort of golden age of modern Americana music. The Grass Fed Giants were founded on an appreciation for this music - with its focus on songwriting artistry, authentic storytelling and natural, elemental production. Comprised of a wily mix of versatile veteran musicians, The GFG is on a mission to do right by the songs of the modern day master storytellers and celebrate them with the ever-growing numbers who share an appreciation for them.

Like Country, Without the Hollywood

What is it about this music that strikes such a chord? It’s real, for one. No dirt road pickup trucks, flip flops or ice cold beers on sandy beaches. Less formula and more substance – highlighting the ironies of life, sharing real world hard times and celebrating the beautiful little moments that make them all worth it. Less escapism, more release – that’s what makes modern Americana music relevant in the best way. The Grass Fed Giants bring it to life in a dynamic, vibrant way wherever they go.

But is it Fun?

You bet your sweet ass it’s fun! The GFG experience is high energy, high emotion, wrapped in high harmony. It’s not hard to have a good time when you’re doing what you love, and that’s the kind of thing that spreads… Kind of like the warm buzz of a finely crafted drink.. So the next time you feel like feeling good and hearing great Americana music live in the Phoenix area, go find yourself a Grass Fed Giants show – it’s high time you checked them out!

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