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Instrumentals, Funk, Electro, Hardcore Soul, California Soul, the funk More...


fresno CA United States

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p funk zapp bootsy prince



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Member since: 08/18/2014 Year Founded: 1980


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mozell dixon




  • Original material: 11 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 12 hrs : 30 min
  • CDs released: 4
  • CDs sold: 50000
  • Digital songs sold: 10000
  • Original Songs: 10000
  • Average Draw: 200
  • Largest crowd: 500
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 50


Greatest Hits by The Dixons not available 0 favesfave it Funk | Soul 12 tracks | 49 minutes Released Jun 2000 on UnderGround Independent Records review album mozell Dixon Interview with The Fresno Bee: The Dixon's have been a mainstay on the Central Valley Cal...ifornia R&B scene for twenty years. Mozell Dixon recently reminisced about how it all began. Mozell Dixon, fearless leader of The Dixon's Mozell, tell us about how it all started with the Dixon's. It was about 1982, and it was a family unit . . . brothers. As a kid I was always influence by musicians. I always had the desire to make music. Bobby Dixon, my older brother played bass, I was the drummer. we formed garage bands, played in clubs, and cover tunes for a while before settling down and getting to work on our own sound. ↑ less ↑ We were in South Central L.A. when we realized we needed to write our own songs. Had you played in other bands? My brother Curtis was with a band called Third Avenue. Michael Salisbury was his friend, and Michael's father was Walter Salisbury-a member of the original Penguins known for their hit Earth Angel. Then I recruited Michael Salisbury to join Third Avenue and we promoted Pusher Man as soon as it was released. We knew were in the music game for good. So when did you make Fresno your home base? After a short time as Third Avenue, Tower District. The family came back together in Fresno, and all of us brothers stayed in the Tower and continued to work on our music. We wrote a lot of music in our grandmother's house. That's when we became known as the Dixon's. How did radio influence you? Well I listened to R&B and pop stations and I loved hearing the Brother Johnson and Slave. Music was AM radio and a good mix of cultures was being heard. Let me put it this way-what you're listening to on the oldies stations, well that's what we were groovin' to back then . . . (laughs). What was the secret to working with your brothers and making music? We're family, as family as it could get. We knew that we could count on each other. It wasn't like we were in a band with strangers. When you're friends or acquaintances in a band disagreements over the vision and the direction of the band can get old. With my brothers it's different. We're blood-family-and we'll always be. You've included other members in the Dixon's. Tell us about them. The Dixon's is a fraternity starting with three Dixon brothers-Curtis, Bobby and myself. Then the other members are cousins and musicians who feel like brothers to us . . . such as Candy Man the rapper, Ric House, Quis Bell, Quincy Jackson, and Johnny J who went on to produce rap for 2Pac. These guys were a spin-off from the Dixon's. In some ways the Dixon's was like a Van Halen band, opening the doors for new talent. Who is singing lead on your hits? We recruited our younger cousin Jeff Dixon into the band. He was singing lead at fifteen. Jeff's is the voice you hear on our hits, Stay with Me and also on Eyes of an Angel. Fresno has been a great place to hone in our talents. Who produced your recordings? We our own in-house producers. We knew how we wanted our music to sound , because we were so self-contained. We worked with Russ Hildreth at Double-D Studios who was located in the Tower District. We had it all our own way-we owned our music publishing, master recordings, everything. We didn't want to share it with a record company. All of us brothers, we were like a pack of wolves, a family unit using our strongest asset, our musical skills to survive. Did you ever come close to getting signed to a record deal? Joe Jackson (Michael's Jackson's father) had a record label during the early eighties. Joe had signed some bands but nothing ever got off the ground. We were about to be signed by the label when it went under. So how did you make your music available to your fans? We founded our own record label, UnderGround Independent Records. We received excellent airplay on B95, and over a five-year period we sold over 30,000.00 records. Our last show was in Delano where we have a lot of fans. We were on tour with Roger and Zap. We still get requests for the song Stay With Me. Getting played on B95 was a good avenue. Don Parker was their program director at the time and Jeff Davis was at B95 as well. They were very instrumental in getting our music heard. We made it to number one on B95's charts during that time. Did you make it back to L.A. much? Sure, we had an opportunity to work with Smokey Robinson in the studio in L.A. and I did session work for Evelyn Champagne King, plus we did some session work for Jonathan Clark of Motown. Have you reissued your music on CD yet? We released our original recordings on CD for the first time recently. The music had to be on CD, if for no other reason than for our own family legacy. But we're definitely making it available to our fans in stores and online. We're making plans now to spice up the music scene here in Fresno because there's not much happening here. Back in '89 there was a huge local music scene going on. A lot has happened in the twenty years since the Dixon's started making music. What's the biggest change? Without a doubt the internet has changed everything. We have a better chance of landing distribution and making good contact with fans all over the world. It's changed the game completely. Now we can easily sell our music to fans all over the world. What's been difficult for you to cope with? We've paid our dues. Our equipment was stolen once, so that slowed us down. We had to pull ourselves back up and start over again. But we had faith that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. We had plenty of troubles. But those old wounds are healed. Our faith in God and our music kept us going. You have to pursue your dreams and that's what we're doing.
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