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Pop, EDM, Electronic, Hip Hop Funk, Rock, House, Techno More...


Atlanta GA United States

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Rihanna, Daft Punk, EDM

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Member since: 02/03/2015 Year Founded: 2014


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Amy Kendrick


manager 937.267.6519


  • Original material: 00 hrs : 45 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 15 min
  • CDs released: 0
  • CDs sold: 0
  • Digital songs sold: 0
  • Original Songs: 14
  • Average Draw: 500
  • Largest crowd: 5,000
  • Have sound: Partial PA
  • Licensed songs: 0


Bianca and Nina Lee, known as, "The Bobbi Pins," is an EDM, Pop, duo that strives on giving their fans what they want. By them being two African American females, who are both 5'9'', with a mean pen, striking looks, and killer dance moves, this duo group has something to offer the industry that know one is bringing to the table right now. While one was born in Ohio and the other in Georgia, these two model looking artist paired up on Facebook only to create a bond with themselves, and their future fans that can never be broken.

Just think of 2 beautiful models who does EDM music in the realm of DJ's, electrifying the night. As The Bobbi Pins continues to search outside of the box, fashion for these two has always been a given. "We are always looking to to inspire and motivate everyone in different ways. Not particularly for recognition, but because that's who we are," says Nina Lee. This unsigned duo will be sharing themselves with the world in this year of 2015. To contact The Bobbi Pins, simply leave a message or send all inquiries to [email protected], thanks

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