The Angie Haze Project

  • Solo Artist
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AAA, Singer songwriter, Lounge, Folk rock Acoustic, Piano, Blues, Folk, Gypsy, Cabaret, More...


Akron OH United States

Sounds Like

Tom Waits, Brandi Carlile, Radio Head, Amanda Palmer, Brown Bird, Sarah Mclachlan, Man Man, Norah Jones

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Member since: 01/06/2015 Year Founded: 2008


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Angie Haze


Producer/Performer 330.357.7786


  • Original material: 03 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 1000
  • Original Songs: 150
  • Average Draw: 400
  • Largest crowd: 1,000
  • Have sound: Partial PA


So addicting, you just can’t get enough, and it sounds like this:

Bells around her ankle, a handmade tambourine shoe, drums encircling her piano, a guitar, a cowbell and a kazoo… we give you, Angie Haze, the Italian American, singer songwriting entertainer, who brings a caravan of energetic vaudevillians with her on the stage! This memorable ensemble consists of either upright bass, drums, cello, violin, clarinet, saxophone, mandolin, or classical guitar, varying with each show! Haze says, “Because of our organic, gypsy chord progressions and syncopated rhythms, we make the crowd feel like they’re the ones dancing with bells around their ankles!”

Musical artist and Producer, Angie Haze shares the stage with numerous local talented musicians who continuously “jaw drop” every audience who hears them. Her live performances never cease to amaze all! Angie Haze’s music has influences from all over the globe. People refer to her as a “gypsy” for this reason. She has created these diverse sounds that define her not only as a musician, but an artist as a whole. Haze says, “We are very authentic and raw. Everything you hear comes straight from the very deepest parts of our beings.” Haze is an amazingly strong and independent woman. Her ambition and the message she portrays through her songs continues to uplift and inspire all who hear her. Haze shares her art as a means to connect people, while bringing them together, to understand the impact and necessity that music can have both on the individual and humanity as a whole.

Angie Haze has appeared at numerous local venues including: Akron Civic Theatre, Musica, Beachland Ball Room and Tavern, Jilly’s Music Room, The Kent Stage, House of Blues in Cleveland, Pride Festival- Rock Hall in Cleveland, Nelson’s Ledges, Porch Rokr Festival, Art In The Square, The Barking Spider, Mahall’s, Jilly’s Music Room, The Blue Rock Cafe, Trivs and many more…

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