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Location Loveland, CO


500 Grandview Dr Loveland CO 80538 United States
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500 Grandview Dr. Loveland CO 80538
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I was born in Colorado in 1948 , early on I loved music , my father loved big band music and I listened to Glenn Miller , Tom and Jimmy Dorsey as long as I can remember . I saw Elvis on Ed Sullivan in 1956 , I soon had a guitar. I started a band in 1963 and played around my hometown. I went to rock shows and clubs a lot when I was a teenager . I did see the likes of Cream and the Doors at the Family Dog , and Jimi Hendrix at a College in Denver . My sister was working at Warner Brothers Records and told me she had met a lot of people and she might be able to help me get a job in a recording studio . My girl friend and I took off to Hollywood , we were 19 years and she had a VW bug . Well I worked as a recording engineer in three different studios for four years from 1967 to 1972. I found myself working with my idols, The Animals, Jimi Hendrix , Led Zeppelin ,the Everly Brothers Roy Orbison and really too many people to write about here. We came back to Colorado , could not find work in studios back here so went on doing different things through the years. Started a couple of bands more or less for fun. Had a very serious back injury in 2007 and it slowed me down a bit. Right now I'm happy with a lady in Loveland I've written songs and poems and started true stories about old time rock and rollers and others, I still have guitars and amps , and pretty good recording equipment . Would like to publish these stories or at least share them.


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