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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul


Phoenix AZ United States

Sounds Like

Kanye West, Common, 2PAC, Jay Z, J Cole


G2G Entertainment

Digital Location

http://www.terriblydope.com/ musicpage.com/mavofficial


Member since: 10/13/2014 Year Founded: 2010


Mail alt 16x12 Derick Hopkins
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Derick Hopkins


Manager 678.972.6485


  • Original material: 04 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 30 min
  • CDs released: 3
  • CDs sold: 150
  • Digital songs sold: 100
  • Original Songs: 30
  • Average Draw: 50
  • Largest crowd: 100
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Licensed songs: 2


Label: Independent/G2G Entertainment Artist Management

Bio: Born in Detroit, MI on December 4, 1989, Artist/producer/engineer T’Darrio discovered his love for music at a very early age. His talent as a writer began to show at the age of 8, when he wrote a parody to Fresh Prince of Bel Aire’s theme song. He performed his version of the song at the D.A.R.E program graduation in front of his entire school, which got him a standing ovation. This was the first glimpse of the talent that T’Darrio possessed as an artist. Over the next few years T’Darrio dedicated his spare time to writing and working on his craft. He began to make beats at the age of 15 while living in Atlanta, GA.

In 2007, T’Darrio began to record and mix records along with his father, who bought an 8 track audio recorder after noticing the immense talent his son possessed with music. Over the next 2 years, T’Darrio worked on harnessing and improving his skills as an artist, producer, and engineer. He decided to take his production to the next level by switching his college major to Audio Engineering, to achieve the long sought after “industry sound” he was looking for.

T’Darrio possesses all the elements it takes to become a Top artist/producer/engineer at the commercial level including, lyricism, delivery, stage presence and style. He is currently featured on a few underground mixtapes and has a couple solo mixtapes. T’Darrio's first commercial release "iDBEP" is being distributed by www.Arena.com and can be found on iTunes and Google Play Music.

T’Darrio has recently done shows with Roc Nation’s artist J. Cole on the BET Music Matters Tour, Ques Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, The Arizona International Festival in Phoenix, AZ and is a headliner on the MotownHipHop College Tour for 2014 and has appeared as a featured artists at the A3C music Festival in Atlanta, GA on the #HipHopNHipsters stage and the Mid-Atlantic Music Conference in Charlotte, NC. His latest single “1 in the Middle” #4FingersDown is burning up the airways in NC, TX, GA and AZ.

Be on the lookout for more great things to come from this exquisite individual with artistic abilities that bridge generation gaps.


September 23, 2014
Bear Frazer

Full of easy to remember phrases like "flippin' the bird," and a simple hand gesture everyone has used at one time or another, M.A.V. absolutely kills it while making a therapeutic statement on "1 In The Middle."

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