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Alternative, Rock


Kansas City KS United States

Sounds Like

The Cranberries, Halestorm, Metric



Digital Location

www.taraelisha.com musicpage.com/taraelisha


Member since: 12/06/2013 Year Founded: 2011


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Tara Elisha

Kansas City

Vocalist / Guitarist / Keyboardist 913.898.2342


  • Original material: 01 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 1600
  • Digital songs sold: 400
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 200
  • Largest crowd: 3,000
  • Have sound: Full PA

The Story of

Alternative Rock Artist Tara Elisha
Tara’s music ranges from passionate and emotional love ballads to evocative songs of defiance to a broken system. Tara’s music has been described as “Dark Rock” referring to her haunting lyrics that explore and expose the darker side of human emotions. Tara draws upon influences from the likes of Pink Floyd, The Cranberries, and Metric combined with her classical music education to create a musical experience filled with introspective lyrics and powerful melodies.

Based out of Kansas City, Tara has been recording original music and performing with her band around Kansas City and surrounding cities. With a performance style that emphasizes the passions and agonies, the fear and joy, the selfless and selfish sides of our nature. Tara exposes many of the emotions that we all feel as we dream, love, hurt, care, neglect, and experience humanity.

Tara’s lyrics provide the audience with a fantasy like sensation fused with passionate and emotional instrumentals. Some of these songs merely seek to observe human emotions; both the good and the bad. Still others decry a dystopian view of a corrupt world that cares little for the humanity that exists within it. Her sound is rooted in a fractured mix of classic rock, pop, punk, and alternative rock.

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Phantom; a compelling CD of powerful alternative rock songs. On this album Tara explores human emotions including fear, love, revenge, obsession, selfishness, and selflessness with her audience in a melodic voice surrounded by heavy electric guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, and exotic instrumental sounds.

Fox 4 News

June 15, 2013
Fox 4 New

Alternative Rock artist, Tara Elisha performs on Fox 4 News!

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September 02, 2013
SoundeCrave Magazine

Alt-Rock Singer, Tara Elisha, Interviewed on SoundCrave


August 17, 2013
Artist Review

"I really enjoyed the guitar licks in the introduction. Her voice is beautiful and in tune. The lyrics are intoxicating--this is the kind of song that should be used in a movie about a teenager's first love or something. It reminds me of one of my favorite love stories. The electric guitar really complements her voice."


October 01, 2013
Featured Artist Review

"Wow...Very nice sound! Very classic rock sound. You have an incredible female rock voice. I believe you possess clear cut radio sound. Would really like to listen to an entire album of this band. Great song. You are like the lost Pat Benatar that we deeply miss! Incredible voice and the band is solid. Rock on!"