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Baltimore MD United States

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Rap, pop


Funnygang Inc./BRK Gang.

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Member since: 05/23/2018 Year Founded: 2011


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Swish Da God




  • Original material: 05 hrs : 20 min
  • Average Draw: 5
  • Largest crowd: 10
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 38
  • Original Songs: 38
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 67
  • Digital songs sold: 88


Swish Da God, (real name “Antoine Nathaniel Free”) born April 30th, 2001 in Baltimore, MD is an African American bisexual rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, director, YouTuber, and president of his label. Influenced by lil Wayne , Nicki Minaj , Andre 3000 , Queen latifah , Drake , chris brown , and etc. He started songwriting at age seven, singing and rapping at his family church (City of Abraham). Joining talent shows and acting in plays at his school. He first gained attention on his social medias free styling with the name “Kidd khaos” on instagram, Facebook, and etc. where he use to be the top post on every hashtag he used. He then became known as a Rapper and a youtuber. In August 12th, 2016 he wrote and released his debut single “Don’t Touch me”. In 2017 he was featured in 6 mixtapes on coast2coast In featured in a pop mixtape that went bronzed, starting in his own series called ‘ambition on fleek’ which got cancelled later on. Later on in 2017 he was seen by kurreche and interviewed in magazines, making a new series called “human” and making a clothing line called “no Bad Vibez”. Releasing hits like “Don’t Touch me” , and “paperchase” in early 2018 swish released a hit called “How it is” and was the first rapper to pop up when you type in swish Da. Swish was 5th on popular downloads and nominated for a written biography about him. Middle of 2018 he was seen by Bianca from “love and hip hop newyork” and the face of the lgbtq community. Swish song “Bangkok” was on “interesting things about Baltimore” written by Mary Ellen bellusci. 3 of his songs hit 100+ views at the same time. With over 200 fans he released a Ep this year called “Dark paradise”. Recently swish has been on a ad for “jango” (radio app), working with his own label “funnygang inc./Brk gang” , released remixes and songs, and April 1st he should released a new Ep called “Melted Heart”.

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