Swift N Sassy

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Rock, Progressive Rock, Adult contemporary, Singer songwriter Alternative, Top 40 More...


Twin Falls ID United States

Sounds Like

Susan Tisdeschi,Stevie Nicks,Heart,Grace Potter,



Digital Location

www.wix.com/swiftnsassy/sns musicpage.com/swiftnsassy


Member since: 10/25/2011 Year Founded: 2007


Mail alt 16x12 Ms Sassy Lee
Thumb ms. sassy lee

Ms Sassy Lee

Twin Falls

Vocalist/Musician/Songwriter 208.410.7004


  • Original material:
  • Cover material: 04 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 400
  • Digital songs sold: 50
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 500
  • Have sound: Full PA


"Swift N Sassy Band"

The high energy of the "Swift N Sassy Band" charges with volocity giving a rock-sold stage presence!
Amazing vocals, slick guitar work, with a solid bottom end, they are at the forefront of a Fierce Rock Attack!

Lead singer-songwriter-guitarist -Sassy Lee, helms the ship to this band's powerful assault! -NO ship's captain could sail without her mighty crew ~ starting with
Stephanie -Bassist, vocals
Smitters- Drums
Replacing lead guitarist ..auditioning soon.

Sassy Lee started her professional career in a band called "Trinity", ~started performing at the age of 16! -The many bands Sassy Lee has played or head-lined in are: "Night-Fire", "Diamond Rafters", "Seduction" -performing in Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada & Nashville, Hollywood.

Sassy Lee's dedication to finding the right mix of musicians allow her to be at her Best... a Perfect "compliment! -Musicians who also share Sassy's high standards of Professionalism, Stage Performance & the True Love of ROCK N' ROLL!

Check out their originals "Crank It Up LOUD!" "Lookin N The Mirror, "I Luv the Boyz" (& many more) they play covers like they wrote them -as well as-
their dynamic twist on many recogonized cover songs!

IF you like to be entertained, & have a Great time...you won't wanna miss their next show!

Swift N Sassy would like to THANK all their loyal supporters!
"You've been Fan-Nominal!" Musically Yours

Volunteer & Sponsorship :

The Swift N' Sassy Band has been associated with Volunteer work for local Events in sponsorship to support their community.

They have a strong belief to support their community by using their Music as a tool, -donating their time/talent generating funds to Help children and families in need.

The Swift N' Sassy Band recognizes the needs of their community and feels great honor to be an interested part of great organizations like:

Twin Fall Chamber Of Commerce
St Lukes Magic Valley Health Foundation
Perrine Bridge Days Foundation Committee
Twin Falls Filer Fair Committee
Jerome Fair Board Committee
Twin Falls Art Council
Filer Fun Day Committee
Canyon Crest Event Center
Boise Idaho Botanical Garden Foundation

We Welcome ALL Opportunities to get involved!
The Swift N' Sassy Band

Musically yours,
The "Swift N' Sassy Band "

Contacts: Music & Me Productions
Sassy: 208-410-7004
Email:[email protected]

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