Sweet Little Bloodhound

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AAA, Adult contemporary, Americana, Singer songwriter Soulful Rock More...


Brooklyn NY United States

Sounds Like

Fiest has lunch with Adele and Annie Lennox

Digital Location

www.SweetLittleBloodhound.com musicpage.com/sweetlittlebloodhound


Member since: 02/19/2015 Year Founded: 2014


Mail alt 16x12 Devlin Miles
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Devlin Miles


Acoustic Guitar and vocals 646.207.2099 mgr [email protected]


  • Original material: 02 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 1300
  • Digital songs sold: 1000
  • Original Songs: 40
  • Average Draw: 50
  • Largest crowd: 2,000
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 2


This Soulful Rock band blends Southern Soul with Northern Rock Edge, currently promoting their Sweet Little Bloodhound album and planning their Superhero Female Tour. You might find their music creeping along in a vampire movie or powering up the Superhero Females on Capitol Hill.

Lead singer, Devlin Miles, Grammy member and accomplished songwriter, won the Subway Fresh Artist and Honorary Mention for Billboard World Song Contest.

They have played noteworthy venues such as Iron Horse, The Bitter End, Hard Rock Cafes, and Six Flags Amusement Parks. They recently launched a podcast series "SLB In The Trailer," where they feature artists and music industry professionals. This indie band has character, great musician skills, and commercially appealing songs that are currently in consideration for TV & Film placements.

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