Superior St

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Location Chicago, IL


2744 W. Superior St Chicago IL 60612 United States
PHONE 773.227.5550 FAX 773.227.5653


Member since: 09/18/2012 Year Founded: 1998
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Superior St. is Chicago's oldest and most established rehearsal facility. Located just west of the loop near the intersection of California and Chicago Avenues, Superior St. offers private, secure, convenient, professional rehearsal space.

Over 900 musicians use Superior St. on a monthly basis. Offering monthly rooms in a variety of sizes, hourly rooms, and a showcase room, Superior St. is one stop shopping for serious musicians. There are no gimmicks, no "clubhouse" atmosphere, and no B.S.. Superior St. staff are all working musicians and local sound reinforcement experts, most of them rehearse here in the building too.

Superior St. is committed to offering a quality experience, providing knowledgeable customer service, and guaranteeing a safe productive environment for our clients. We wrote the book on how to run a rehearsal facility. Other may immitate, none succeed!