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Location Oakland, CA


Member since: 06/13/2012 Year Founded: 1997
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BZ Lewis


Studio Owner 510-338-1240


Studio 132 is an intimate, cooperative, and creative facility with a focus on quality. We record bands of all genres, singer/songwriters, rappers, instrumentalists, and voiceovers- all with the goal of getting warmth and "phat" sounds into our mixes.

Our mixes have been heard in record stores everywhere, on all the major networks, platinum selling video games, and with the help of our sister company popTuna -national and regional ad campaigns, independent full length feature films, and scores of documentary films. This year we're celebrating our 14th anniversary.

In terms of what the studio can offer, you get a six time Emmy award winning multi-instrumentalist/producer with decades of experience, a great mic collection, a soundproof drum room, vocal booth, a ProTools HD 3 rig, a tuned control room, and all the laughs that you can bear.

Some of the studio's claim to fame includes 14 Emmy nominations, 6 Emmy wins, many of our artists have made the longlist for the Grammys, and music from the studio has been on MTV's shows about BECK, BLINK 182, JANET JACKSON, and BRITNEY SPEARS.