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Location Appleton, WI


4615 N Richmond St Appleton WI 54915 United States
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Member since: 03/20/2012 Year Founded: 2010
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What is Snagg?

Simply put, Snagg is an electronic serial number used to protect, register, identify and recover all types of valuable assets. The same RFID chip that is used to return thousands of lost pets each year, the Snagg microchip is the size of a grain of rice and can be installed in musical instruments, tools, guns, bikes or almost any priceless possession.

After installation, you register your item at, providing the Snagg ID, serial number, manufacturer information, and even upload pictures. If your item is ever lost or stolen, Snagg goes to work, notifying all necessary authorities. When your item is recovered, the electronic serial number identifies you, the owner, even if it is thousands of miles away. Police already have access to over 400,000 scanners available nationwide.


Snagg was founded in early 2000 in Southern California after recognizing a need to connect musicians with their precious instruments that consistently turn up missing or stolen. In 2010 Ron Wolff recognized a similar need in the construction industry and after being introduced to his micro chipped dog Ticky. Ron acquired Snagg, and a team was formed to take Snagg’s recovery success in instruments and apply it to the mass market. Over 10 Years Snagg has accomplished an incredible 35% recovery rate of stolen property. Today we build on that success and have expanded services into Bikes, Bikes, Tools, Guns and more. We are always improving our recovery process and continue to develop new services for our customers, big and small.


Mission Statement

SNAGG's goals are accomplished by employing superior technology; building long-lasting, comprehensive relationships with law enforcement-based property recovery groups; establishing and maintaining secure high-end technical registration and recovery systems; and finally, providing comprehensive services to our customers.



Contact: SNAGG Customer Service [email protected]

The SNAGG web site has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Should you have any question or issue with the web site, please contact our friendly, US-based customer support and they'll do the best they can to help you.


Corporate Headquarters
Snagg, LLC
4615 N Richmond St
Appleton, WI 54913

Email Us- [email protected]

We are always interested in new partnerships and dealers, as well as any news contacts and interviews. Feel free to contact us to set up a FREE demonstration. We can also meet with law enforcement agencies to train and provide services.


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