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Location Chicago, IL


Member since: 06/26/2011


SOMETHING BIG IS GOING ON – a musical movement on such a huge scale that its sheer momentum seems unstoppable. A community of music-lovers and partiers … are gravitating to dance floors all over Chicago to partake in good vibes and the joys of sophisticated rock, electronica and jazz.

Ten years in the making… the result of all this fervent interest is a sprawling and vital scene that stretches from live house to front-line brass doing hip-hop to instrumental rock to free jazz, and is linked by a network of nightclubs, parties and internet Web sites, where fanatics trade photos, videos and MP3s while chatting excitedly about upcoming gigs. We work hard to evolve the scene by constantly bringing new music to town and welcome you to the future of live music in Chicago. Enjoy what you hear and see! – Silver Wrapper

Who We Are:

Silver Wrapper is a growing community of individuals sharing a common passion for music, coming together to evolve the Chicago scene. We are creating an atmosphere to dance, groove, and get funky — whether we’re organizing our own productions, or supporting bands through promotion of upcoming shows. As festivalists, we are opening our city to fans and bands alike as hosts. As archivists, we record and trade and expose fans to new music, or simply educate each other on its origins. We want to create a symbiotic relationship between bands, fans, and venues in Chicago to further the celebration of great music.


We are a large collection of all types sharing a love of electronic, jazz, funk, rock — great music. We are a wild bunch who manage to play hard and maintain respect for each other and the musicians who share their talent with us.


We represent the business side of music, bringing to Chicago the musicians we love, and who we feel need to play our city more often. Stay tuned for the next Silver Wrapper production.


We want bands to succeed, and we do everything we can to help them. Before shows, we motivate our community to get tickets and organize pre/post parties to make concerts into events. We distribute flyers and posters and send mass e-mail reminders. Most importantly, we show our support by dancing like crazy…


To Silver Wrapper, concerts are more than a couple sets of good music – they are celebrations of life. We pre-party, post-party, and generally go wild all night. Whether we are walking to the Vic, or road-tripping to New Orleans, we are more than passive spectators.


Silver Wrapper is a connection of tapers with a treasure of live music, old and new. More than simply trading tapes, we are interested in the origins and influences of music we love —the history of it. You can offer up your tape list for trading or simply come out and listen to some bootlegs.