Seven Story Fall

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Rock, Pop, Punk


Wayne MI United States

Sounds Like

panic at the disco, fall out boy, mayday parade, marianas trench


Tate Music group

Digital Location


Member since: 01/11/2014 Year Founded: 2002


Mail alt 16x12 Hunter Kennedy
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Hunter Kennedy


Songwriter / Musician 734.718.7736


  • Original material: 01 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 4
  • CDs sold: 5000
  • Digital songs sold: 20000
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 100
  • Largest crowd: 1,000
  • Have sound: Partial PA


In 2002 Seven Story Fall was born at the hands of Hunter Kennedy in Wayne,MI. Through the years SSF transformed from a 4 piece band to a pop punk solo act creating concept albums. The decision to make Seven Story Fall a solo act and perform live with a full band was due to many member changes and Hunter doing the majority of the work including all songwriting. Sometime during the year 2004 the band became more serious and bigger shows started to come along such as: (From first to last/Chiodos/Mxpx- Milwaukee,WI) (A skylit drive/Four letter lie - Cleveland,OH) & also many festivals: (Liquid Sol music fest w/ Train, All american rejects, Buckcherry - Phoenix,AZ) // (Center of the universe fest w/ Twenty one pilots, Awolnation - Tulsa,OK) . SSF has released 3 ep’s, & 1 Full length concept album with thousands sold digitally and around shows , Hunter and SSF is not new to the music scene & has been featured & interviewed in newspapers,magazines and websites. some noted few; (Musicians friend music blog, AP magazine,  Chicago music mag, Detroit free press, The music shelf magazine, Reverbnation front page feature/breaking artist and PBS). Interviewed and played on multiple radio stations across the country: (The real radio show - Bellmore,NY , KMIX - Los angeles,CA ,  KLT - Traverse city,MI, “It’s Friday - university of GA - Athens,GA & 89X - Detroit,mi/windsor,on,ca) . Gotten the attention of multiple licensing/publishing companies, Indie labels & the Reverbnation A&R department. This success lead to Hunter working with multiple producers over multiple projects, most currently the most recent album “Stories & Analogies” with Erik Ron (good charlotte,panic at the disco, hit the lights, saosin) & Josh Dougan. Lastly Hunter has won multiple awards from the current album such as; Rock song of the year, Rock group of the year, Pop punk song of the year, Pop punk video of the year, & vocalist of the month.


"Vocalist of the month" - Singer Universe may 2014



*POP ROCK - March 2013 Akademia Music Awards

-Winner: Best Music Video
Artist: Seven Story Fall
Song: Sing To Me

-Winner: Best Song
Artist: Seven Story Fall
Song: Sing To Me


-2007 - self released-
"Forever under the control of others"

1. 911 ways to crash a plane
2. all these things unsaid
3.her ghost stopped on a dime
4. piano/cello duet instrumental

-2008 - self released-
"Those great defy the armed"

1. conceded ones always come in first
2. Big boys breakfast club rap
3.The stars are calling
4.all these things unsaid
5.she the wake the sky lights up
7.dear alexis the year
9.her ghost stopped on a dime

-2009 - self released-
"nightmares ep"

1. nightmares
2.the girl the night and the hypocrite
3.beautiful eyes (acoustic live)

-singles from new album-

-FEB 29th 2012 - 1st single release (label: tate music group)
* Sing to me
-APR 7th 2012 - 2nd single release (label: tate music group)
* My gift to you
APR 2nd 2013 - 3rd single release (label: tate music group)
*Hollywood bound

-new album: full listing-

AUGUST 20TH 2013 - NEW FULL LENGTH ALBUM "Stories & Analogies" (label: tate music group)

1.We are not alone
2.To take on the world together
3.Sing to me
4.End of the road
5.Say it
6. Im not your guy
7.Better off on my own
8.This town
9.Hollywood bound
10.Lost in time
11.My gift to you
12.The collapse

Singer Universe

May 09, 2014
Dale Kawashima

“Sing To Me” is a high energy rock song which features powerful, expressive lead vocals by Kennedy

Musicians friend "the Hub" music blog

April 08, 2014
Musicians friend

Hunter, like many musicians, draws influence from a wide range of different artists and styles

Seven Story Fall

January 21, 2014
Mail alt 16x12 Hunter Kennedy
Thumb imagefordownload 3

Hunter Kennedy


All press (newspapers,magazines,online) on seven story fall can be found on

face in the crowd

December 10, 2013
kayla shaday

If you’re a fan of artists like Fall Out Boy, Marianas Trench, Boys Like Girls or Hot Chelle Rae then allow me to introduce you to Seven Story Fall. 7SF has released their new album “Stories & Analogies”.

imea awards

November 02, 2013
imea awards


skope magazine

August 30, 2013
Ray Cavanaugh

“Sing To Me” has this captivating rhythm guitar riff that I could listen to for ten minutes straight.

skope magazine

August 30, 2013
Ray Cavanaugh

“Say It” expresses adolescent romantic sentiment like few other tracks I’ve heard.

skope magazine

August 30, 2013
Ray Cavanaugh

“I’m Not Your Guy” is an interesting song in that the vocals are quite sensitive, but the guitars are ripping some hard-edged chords with mega distortion.

skope magazine

August 30, 2013
Ray Cavanaugh

“Better Off On My Own” makes abundantly clear that Kennedy has a fine voice for this type of music, and he can range surprisingly high up the octave scale. Man, there’s also some pounding percussion on this track! The lyrics convey a strong sense of youthful angst: “I find it hard to relate / A numbing paralyzing state / It blows my mind.”

skope magazine

August 30, 2013
Ray Cavanaugh

“This Town” begins on a slower note. But one can definitely feel a buildup of intensity. I love the crunchy, palm-muted chords that arrive about 1 minute in.

skope magazine

August 30, 2013
Ray Cavanaugh

“Hollywood Bound” is a fine song title for a promising young musical act. The guitar component seems a tad more complex here than on other tracks, but it’s all rendered without a hitch.

skope magazine

August 30, 2013
Ray Cavanaugh

7SF well might be “bound” for Hollywood. Kennedy has his style down pat, and is fluent in the art of song-construction.

akademia awards

March 01, 2013
akademia awards

POP ROCK - March 2013 Akademia Music Awards

Winner: Best Music Video
Winner: Best Song

Seven Story Fall

January 20, 2012
josh dougan - producer

i'am proud to be apart of this

digital tour bus

March 18, 2011
joshua weilding

These guys have some straight forward, but essential tour tips for you to check out

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