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The Serge Entertainment Group consists of: Serge Entertainment PR; Serge Entertainment Radio Promotion; Storm Surge Publishing (BMI); Sun Surge Publishing (ASCAP); Neptchyunes Publishing (ASCAP); and Serge Entertainment, our management division. For specific information about each division, please visit our web site at

Owner & Consultant Sandy Serge's past experience in various aspects of the music industry - and her continued work in that industry - give her a unique, broad-based perspective. Few in the business today can combine her grasp of the music industry from performance to production to management to song publishing to public relations. Even more importantly, she focuses on the highly specialized fields of song publishing and publicity in her day-to-day business and utilizes her contacts and experience in the field to maintain success.

Song Publisher
Sandy's favorite aspect of her business is to place music with film, tv, advertising, video games, and recording artists. She enjoys working with constitutuents in the film/tv business and seeks out ways for her song publishing clients to gain more exposure in this medium. Her company's contacts include numerous music supervisors, producers, directors and recording artists. She currently owns three publishing companies. For examples of music in her publishing catalogues, please visit

Leading PR Consultant
As CEO of Serge Entertainment Public Relations, Sandy serves as a consultant to labels, musicians and songwriters around the world. For each client, Sandy reviews the background and statistics - making assessments based on her extensive experience with the media, and the music industry in general. Sandy advises on what markets to pursue and how to strategically align publicity and marketing campaigns to ensure success.

Public Relations Specialist
As a public relations specialist, Sandy's reputation in the music business is beyond reproach thanks primarily to her honesty-without-hype philosophy. She oversees all aspects of press kit development; publicity, marketing and advertising campaigns; event planning; press conferences; print and broadcast placement as well as working personally with each client to increase awareness via the Internet. The process of weaving all these elements together with her personal touch brings success to every public relations campaign involving her methodology. Her secrets - leave no stone unturned, follow-up, and regard every obstacle as an opportunity. Her list of accomplishments grows daily and ranges from placement on national and local television to placement in national trade and consumer magazines for both national and independent musicians and songwriters.

Sandy continues to counsel a significant number of musicians and songwriters as a manager and consultant. One of the key elements in selecting her clients is the amount of publicity exposure each client has generated. Garnering respect from the music industry requires fulfillment of that key element, and as a result, Sandy will recommend some musicians first work with her PR division to gain increased public awareness and exposure before taking them to the management level.
For latest accomplishments, visit

Experienced Editor/Publisher
Former editor-in-chief and publisher of Music Morsels ezine/webzine, Sandy reviewed hundreds of press kits every month and talked with dozens of musicians, managers and publicists about what works and what does not in procuring publicity exposure commitments in the music business. She was in constant contact with journalists and fellow editors, seeking new ways to acquire media coverage for musicians, songwriters and music industry businesses. Music Morsels last issue was April, 2008. The webzine's archives remain at

Sandy acquired B.S. in Marketing and M.S. in Communications degrees from LaSalle University. She also has a certificate in Music Management from the Music Business Institute. Sandy is a former musician and has appeared in 7 symphonies, 3 rock bands, a folk duo, and as a solo artist. She also minored in Interpretive Dance and Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee while majoring in music.

One of my favorite quotes (I have many) is by one of the most accomplished lead vocalists in the industry:

"There is this cliche that all artists are pure and all business people cannot be trusted. In my life, I have found a lot of artists who are assholes and a lot of business people who walk their dogs for them. So that is not a true cliché." - Bono, lead vocalist for U2