Ryan Michael Thompson

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Rock, Metal, Grunge, Country


Greenwood MO United States

Sounds Like

Kiss, Ozzy, Slash, Soundgarden

Digital Location

http://www.sonicbids.com/band/channelcat/ musicpage.com/ryanmichael


Member since: 06/09/2014 Year Founded: 2011


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Ryan Thompson


Songwriter 816.812.0112 [email protected]


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  • CDs sold: 150
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  • Original Songs: 25
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Guitarist/singer/songwriter with mainly rock influences. I was in a rock band named Penny Dreadful in Kansas City for 7 years. We made 2 studio recordings, when the band broke up I attempted to join a couple of other local bands but nothing really clicked.

In 2005 I started teaching guitar out of my home and year later started a country band called Slewholler and continued teaching for a couple of more years. We wrote some comical country songs, that's where I inherited the name ChannelCat. Our set list consisted of about 10 originals and 15 covers. We played several shows in the Kansas City area and recorded a 5 song demo called Hickalicious.

It lasted 4 years the band departed in 2010. In the spring of 2010 I joined a local rock band called Eyes of the Faceless and played several shows with them for a year. I left Eyes of the Faceless in 2011 and setup a recording studio to start writing/recording instrumentals for licensing opportunities. In 2013 I rejoined EOTF briefly for a reunion show and in 2015 I signed my first sync licensing agreement as songwriter Ryan Michael. I am currently writing/recording new material and working towards more licensing opportunities.

The Akademia Music Awards

April 01, 2015
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The Akademia Music Awards

Los Angeles


’A Rush-style math rocker, 'Folding Space' is an impressive example of good technical composition and the deep instrument proficiencies needed to realize it.'

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