Roots Vibrations

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Reggae, Soca, Caribbean


Detroit MI United States

Sounds Like

Bob Marley, Third World, Morgan Heritage, Nasio


Roots Vibs Music

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Member since: 05/31/2012 Year Founded: 1999


Mail alt 16x12 Winfred Julien
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Winfred Julien


Management 313.587.5040


  • Original material: 06 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 08 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 8
  • CDs sold: 5300
  • Digital songs sold: 1200
  • Original Songs: 30
  • Average Draw: 1,400
  • Largest crowd: 3,000
  • Have sound: Full PA



Detroit Music Awards Winner 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2013 – Outstanding Reggae Band

Roots Vibrations is a musical force that provides authentic Caribbean music. Made up of members from the exotic islands of the Caribbean and the funky streets of Detroit, this band will stimulate your senses with positive roots music. Roots Vibration’s sound is uplifting and fun, and features creative and seasoned musicians who have a multigenerational and multinational appeal. They bring decades of experience and authenticity to the Reggae scene.

Roots Vibrations founder and lead singer Winfred J's Julien, hailing from Dominica, West Indies, has been the driving force in the regional Caribbean and Reggae scene for more than three decades. He produced and performed on eight original CD’s and has worked with dozens of international, national, and local artists, including Calypso Rose, Burning Spear and Yellowman.

Roots Vibrations has delighted audiences throughout the U.S.and Canada with their unique blend of original and popular Caribbean music in Reggae, Zouk, Calypso, and Soca styles.Demand for the band has continually increased. Over hundreds of shows and constant practice and rehearsals, Julien and the band have honed their product into a real tight crowd-pleaser. He said, "My philosophy is ensuring a great performance by each member of the band. The show stays interesting by playing a mix of original and familiar music in a variety of Caribbean styles. The awards we receive and the response we get is because the audience is our focus. Each show is unique to the vibe of the audience and the diverse new material we incorporate." Roots Vibrations' music is always uplifting, educational, and rhythmically stimulating for people of all descriptions. Any time Roots Vibrations performs, it's a good time.

Winfred J's “Stunna Ranks” Julien - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Hailing from the island of Dominica, Winfred developed his passion for music, listening to artists including Bob Marley, and Stevie Wonder as well as many of the pioneering Dominican musicians like Exile One and Gramacks. He became a master singer, songwriter, producer, bandleader, and recording artist. His performances as a member and leader in classic Detroit Reggae bands, including Sirius Roots, King David, Bandulu, Universal Spectrum, Expression and since 2000 Roots Vibrations, define him as a leader in the industry. He opened for superstars like Buju Banton, Shaggy, Shabba Ranks, and Sanchez. His recordings are entitled "Give Thanks" "Detroit Live Sessions, and "Only You," which was nominated for a Detroit Music Award 2015. For many years he co-hosted and produced the "Reggae International" radio show on WDET with his brother, Michael "Mikie Dread" Julien.

La Keisha “Lionness” Tuggle – Lead & Background Vocals
A native of Detroit, MI with African, German and Native American Indian roots, La Keisha has a performance resume that spans various music genres such as: Jazz, Traditional, R&B, Gospel, Big Band, Classical Opera, Latin & Reggae. Aside from being a vocalist, La Keisha is also a songwriter, actress and dancer. Music captivated her at a very young age, and she aims for longevity in creating and performing music that has the ability to touch many lives across the world.

Ten Wade - Keyboards/Background vocals
Ten Wade is a keyboard specialist and is proficient in many other instruments as well. His influences include Herbie Hancock, Billy Preston, and Method Man, among others. He has toured extensively and has performed in many diverse arenas ranging from Broadway to Las Vegas to Hollywood. He has been on the local Detroit music scene since 1993 and is an extremely accomplished arranger and composer also. Ten is music director and offers his prodigious keyboard and vocal skills to Roots Vibrations.

Jamel Clarke - Bass Guitar/Background Vocals
A multi-talented instrument player and singer started as a teenage performer in Detroit. He has a groove with a touch that is genuine roots. He is influenced by Peter Tosh and Yellowman.

Mat Lemons - Drums/Background Vocals
Has performed on stage and in the studio with such national acts as Stevie Wonder, Five Special, Johnny Griffith, and many others. He rocks with sweetness and has the rare ability to play reggae as well as the numerous other Caribbean rhythm styles, including Soca, Zouk, and Calypso.