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Phoenix AZ United States

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  • Original material: 05 hrs : 00 min
  • Average Draw: 50
  • Largest crowd: 100
  • Have sound: No PA
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  • CDs sold: 100
  • Digital songs sold: 1000


Rocky Roller and his music is positive hip hop for the new generation. Touching on subject matters ranging from self- confidence to parents and teachers taking responsibility for the examples they are setting. At an early age Rocky has already taken responsibility for his career goals learning through hard work comes reward and dreams are achievable.

Musically Rocky Roller has pulled from hip hop legends and has had the opportunity to grace the stage with Rakim and on another occasion Big Daddy Kane. Hip hop has not been the only genre of music to inspire this young sensation. RnB groups such as New Edition has also had a great influence on his music career because they once were child stars and were able to have successful careers through adulthood. The experience of hanging out backstage with Ricky, Ronnie and Mike Bell-Biv-Divoe was another reward. He was grateful.

Rocky Roller is multi- talented. In addition to his love for music he also excels in drawing, acting and writing. In fact he currently has a book in the works which contains illustrations and story lines created solely by Rocky.

OH Yeah DVD and EP collaboration with his big sister Halo is set to be released this summer! The DVD/EP features Rocky’s high energy fun filled singles Yeah I Rock, So Bad and Shine.

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