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Location Manhattan, KS


314 Turtle Creek Blvd Manhattan KS 66502 United States
PHONE 785.539.5900 www.ricksmusicshop.com musicpage.com/ricksmusicshop


Member since: 03/29/2012 Year Founded: 1992


Opened in 1992 by store owner Rick Hood, Rick's Music Shop continues to grow and expand with new stock, personal and unique custom shop guitars, and reliable service. Whether stumbling upon a spontaneous jam session by the store's many instructors, or a classic story by music veteran Rick himself, Rick's Music Shop radiates an easy and relaxed atmosphere, and invites both the beginner and the professional.

A seasoned musician and technician, Rick Hood has played in bands for over 20 years and has been repairing guitars since 1980. Quickly known by local musicians as "the guitar guru", Rick familiarizes himself with every intimate detail of the guitar. Whether ushering a mere piece of wood into a soulful and exquisite instrument or setting up your favorite guitar to play smooth as butter, Rick operates a service-oriented shop, and attends to the specific needs of each of his customers. Stop by the store and let Rick help you find your ideal