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121 Hermosa Drive Tempe AZ 85282 United States
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Member since: 06/26/2011


Richard Beck's experience with having owned/collected dozens of the worlds rarest guitars gives him that extra edge in repairing, assessing and appraising your guitar. Known as Arizona's only professional Luthier / Repairman / Inventor, his 30 plus years of experience ensures your instrument repairs and adjustments are of the highest quality and will suit your playing style.

I have been working in the fretted instrument field since the early 1970's as a repairman, luthier, author, teacher and restoration expert. Our shop - BECK'S GUITAR SPECIALTY SERVICES - is the only professional music / repair shop in Arizona which builds quality handcrafted acoustic guitars at my shop in Tempe. When you use Richard Beck, you'll see what true precision guitar repair is really about!

Since I began to work as an independent repairman over 35 years ago, I have attracted a following of professional guitarists who have demanded high quality repairs and maintenance on their guitars. I have performed repairs and adjustments for:

Glen Campbell -"Beck-E (Rich) has exclusively worked on my Ovations, Fenders, and Martins for over 14 years. He's refretted all my guitars. He's the best."
Robert Scovill - (Award winning Live Sound Engineer and Producer for Rush, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Prince, Matchbox Twenty). "Rich has performed countless guitar set-ups and repairs for me and everyone of them has turned out fantastic. If a methodical approach and attention to detail is what your into, this is your guy. Thanks ya big lug!"
Ken and Russel Skaggs -(Glen Campbell Band)
Johnny Western -(Johnny Cash Band)
Ray Herndon - Guitarist with Lyle Lovette's Band (I have refretted Rays favorite stage Strat 3 times in the past 10 years)
George Lynch and Jeff Pilson of the heavy death metal band Dokken
Jason Newstead of Metallica -(Jason purchased a custom Beck "Metal Electric Mutha Bass" from me to audition for Metalica, of course, he got the gig!)
Michael Schanker
The Gin Blossoms - (I have repaired and refretted countless Fenders and Gibsons for Jesse Valenzuela, Scotty Johnson, Robin Wilson, as well as building a matching pair of Koa Wood Acoustics for Jesse, and Scotty)
The Meatpuppets - (I have exclusively repaired, refretted, and maintained Cris and Curt Kirkwoods' guitars for over 10 years)
Jesse Johnson -Guitarist with Prince, producer and guitarist with Janet Jackson (I have refretted Jesse's custom-shop Gibson "V", as well as performed repairs and maintenance on a half-dozen late 50's/early 60's vintage Strats)
Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains -(I installed the Floyde Rose locking nut and recessed his tremelo on his Main G&L guitar)
Clarke Rigsby/Tempest Studio -(Clarke is an Emmy & B.M.I Award winning player-producer who has worked with Paul McCartney, Four Tops, David Grisman, as well as projects for CBS, PBS, ABC)
Matt Cartsonis - (Matt is multi-talented guitarist who has played with The Austin Lounge Lizard's, Carla Bonoff's group "Bryndle", Mary Cutrofello, Beck, and Bob Dylan)
Cheep Trick (sound engineer/advance man, George Blake, brought in some badly airline-bashed-6 and 12 string takamine's, sold Rick Nielson some hard to find parts for his Floyde Rose tremelos), I WANT YOU TO WANT ME!!!!!
Gardner Cole (song writer and musician with Madonna (Open Your Heart To Me), a very nice and talented guy!!! THANKS COLE!!
Al Ortiz (bass player with Stevie Nicks) The famous local bass player with those salsa chops.
Bob Welsh (vintage early guitarist with Fleetwood Mac, pre-Buckingham)
Orgy (that famous metal-funk-loud-post-punk-groove band)
Phunk Junkies with guitarist Jeff O'Rorke
Roger Klein and the Peacemakers
Dave Watson bass player for The Oakridge Boys, ("I sure wish you were in Nashville, Rich.")
Herb Ellis (jazz guitarist great, I repaired the fretts on his aria jazz box and installed a sound post)
Walter Richardson - Arizona's multi talented guitarist, radio DJ, and the most vocal spokesman for peace on the planet.
Matt McKenzie - live and recording bass player for Lyle Lovette, Martina McBride, and Reba.
Dan Wexler - pop song writer-guitarist with Icon, Alice Cooper.
Johnny Western (his real name) Long-time guitarist with The Johnny Cash Band, for those of you old enough to remember, the writer of the Paladin Theme song!
Sepultura - way too loud heavy metal, 3 string guitarist
Z.Z. Top - ton of custom work on an old Gibson for Billy Gibbons ... Thanks Pearly!!
Charles Bond - The fabulous Black Bond Brother, recorded that famous hit song, "Darlin�, You Jew Me".
Wayman Tisdale - the late, great jazz / funk bass player - worked on all of his custom Fender bass guitars.
Jimmy Eat World - worked on all of their guitars while on break from touring.