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Location Livonia, MI


Member since: 10/10/2011 Year Founded: 1996
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Andrew Clark




Reverend is the brainchild of Joe Naylor. Joe's decades of formal training and hands-on experience along with our small, highly skilled staff insures that Reverend delivers the goods:

TONE - Great design makes for great sounding gear, not some rare wood or mystical vintage components. However, we do have a deep respect for and extensive knowledge of fine vintage equipment. At Reverend, vintage sensibilities come together with design innovation for tone that satisfies the most discriminating players.

STYLE - Sure, we could make knock-offs of the classic designs, but that would be boring! Reverend guitars are an extension of your musical and stylistic individuality - a unique voice in a sea of clones.

VALUE - We put extensive research and development into our products to raise the level of performance. That is why Reverend products are often compared performance-wise to gear costing several times more.

SERVICE - A product is only as good as the people who stand behind it. Reverend service is legendary. Why?...because our philosophy is simple: treat customers the same way we'd want to be treated.


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