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Location Hillsboro, OR


5790 NE Lisbon Way Hillsboro OR 97124 United States
PHONE 503.640.7410 www.rackrecording.com musicpage.com/rackrecording


Member since: 06/26/2011


Rack Recording is a professional recording studio located in Hillsboro, OR just a short drive from Portland. With 15 years of professional recording experience and some of the finest gear money can buy, Rack Recording is the right choice for your next audio project.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, audio for video, cassette and vinyl transfer to CD, producing, and more.


These are our basic hourly rates, but pricing can be somewhat negotiable depending on your project and how you like to work. Please Contact Greg with any questions about rates or payment methods.*

Recording: $35 an hour, or $120 for a 4-hour block

On-Location Recording (we bring the studio to you): $35/hr (including travel and setup time)

Mixing: $35/hr

Mastering: $45/hr (typical mastering includes volume matching, EQ, compression, limiting, fade-ins/outs, custom track pauses, and duplication-ready Red Book master CD). We have serious mastering gear and experience to give your CD that final touch it needs before duplication or radio.**

* In place of an hourly rate, we occasionally can specify a price per song or agree on a price for a complete project. That way I can spend countless hours mixing at all times of the day and we do not need to count all those hours. You can choose to mix with me in the studio, or not. Either way, you decide when you're happy with the mix.

** If you'd like to have your project mastered somewhere else, then I can provide you with the 24 bit .wav files (or other requested format) on CD for mastering.

Other Services Available at Rack Recording

CD/DVD Duplication
Convert Cassette or Vinyl to CD
Convert Video Cassette to DVD
Convert MIDI Files into REAL Acoustic Piano Recordings!
Movie Editing
Create a Slide Show from your photos
Payment Methods

Rack Recording accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, checks, or cash.