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248 West Elm St Tucson AZ 85705 United States
PHONE 520.622.3895 musicpage.com/purewaveaudio


Member since: 10/20/2011 Year Founded: 2004
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Pure Wave Audio's approach is to consult you, the client, from the ground up with a customized equipment solution that includes a long term purchase plan. Through consultation, we can create the proper gear list that fits your needs and budget without the expense of bad purchases and the frustration of incompatible gear. With Pure Wave Audio, you can trust advice from someone who makes a living using the same gear. Please contact us for more information!

After countless encounters with salespeople that failed to provide educated product solutions, we decided to create a whole new approach to the pro audio store. We were frustrated to typically know more about the products than the salespeople, but still be in need of answers. In addition, pro audio magazines provide shootouts of products which result in an article. Yet, articles never work as a selling tool for a reader that wants to hear the products, and most magazine reviews almost never provide a product's shortcomings. So how does any of that information help a potential buyer? Most likely, it doesn't.

The Solution: The Ultimate Pro Audio Store. Pure Wave Audio was founded in 2004, derived from Jim Pavett's wealth of expertise and the belief in absolute product knowledge.

At Pure Wave Audio, you can be confident making safe, educated, and reliable purchases from a real pro. If at any time you have a question or need assistance, contact us.


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