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Folk and Traditional, Americana, Jazz, Singer songwriter Country, Alt-Country, Swing, Ragtime More...


Hampden MA United States

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John Prine, Arlo Guthrie,

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Member since: 09/10/2013 Year Founded: 1993



  • Original material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 500
  • Digital songs sold: 150
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  • Average Draw: 25
  • Largest crowd: 700
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I was once called "Skewed" by the Springfield (MA) Union News. I consider that a compliment. I write songs about everyday life. Some are serious. Some are humorous. They are observations of things we tend to overlook: our cars, what we eat, where we live and the things that most normal people are too afraid to admit they are afraid of. All of my recent musical efforts and my next CD will be a benefit for the health clinic my wife goes to for Huntington's Disease (the "Woody Guthrie Disease" ). My recent songs as well as 'Love on the Line" can be found on my bandcamp donation page ( Additional songs and covers can be found on Sound Cloud (

'Tonight I Wish', a duet with Tracy Grammer (Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer), is a love ballad. 'Marriage of Convenience' tells the story of 7-11 love between Heather and Billy in my little town of Hampden Massachusetts. 'Someone Who Cares' is a country salute to ... not really caring at all. And 'Two Cents Worth' is a jazzy tribute to getting and rejecting advice.

LOVE ON THE LINE my first disc includes 'Yellow Datsun', a duet with Dar Williams. 'East Longmeadow' looks at suburban life, commuting to work in a station wagon and trying to get back home again. Paranoid is an anthem to fear. The title track Love on the Line is the story about a long distance relationship: they marry during a conference call. Peugeot is about French engineering and is featured on CarTalk Car Tunes Volume 1: Disrespectful Car Songs. Also featured on the album is Jeff Pevar who has been the "P" in CPR, David Crosy's band as well as being a sideman for performers like Ray Charles, Rickie Lee Jones and others. I have performed at Lincoln Center (outdoors anyway) and coffeehouses and concert halls throughout the northeast. I was included on three of the Folk Next Door CD compilations and was a finalist in the Boston Acoustic Underground. Because I am my wife's caregiver I have pulled back from performing live.

“ ...intelligent lyrical vignettes of everyday life and the comical trappings of suburbia... delivered with an acute sense of comedic timing.” -The Springfield (MA) Union News

Dirty Linen Magazine called East Longmeadow “a tongue-in-cheek anthem to suburbia.”

New England Performer Magazine called Everything Takes Longer “hilarious”...“Imagine Sam Elliot or Nick Nolte singing a tune written by Nick Drake and Carlos Jobim and you’ll get the picture – a gem.”

“Like the best of them, Lehndorff uses humor to point out life’s little truths. – Dave Perry, Lowell (MA) Sun

“Peter Lehndorff has established his own voice, his own good natured wonder at the all-too-visible mysteries of this modern world.” – Jim Foley, KXCI-fm Tuscon (AZ)

“His lyrics are wry, but have an honest, lived-in, everyday quality. Lehndorff’s not a wise guy, but a man with a keen sense of what is both weird and touching in our shared human experience.” – Dwight Thurston,WWUH-fm Hartford (CT)

Tom Lehrer with chops. – John McLaughlin,WESU-fm, Ohio

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