Indianapolis - Nashville

Is your Country Music or Pop Career at a standstill?

Is the Business part of the Music Business starting to interfere with the Music part?

Need direction or guidance?

If you have been doing the same thing month after month and year after year with no noticeable positive results, perhaps it is time to move in another direction.

Circle City Records USA is taking unsolicited applications for new clients.

If you are interested, please review our website at: Then send us some links to your Social Media where we can listen to your music.

If accepted, we sit down together and discuss your long and short-term goals. Then we formulate a plan to achieve those goals using proven techniques.

What we are looking for:
1. The ability to get along with others
2. Work Ethic
3. Talent

What we are not looking for:
1. Drugs
2. Games
3. Drama

Circle City Records USA is a US Veteran owned company that specializes in Artist Management and Artist Development.

My favorite part of the music business is that it is filled with people who follow their dreams with all their hearts, even if it means taking the road less traveled.