Promotional merchandise in Minnesota
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The CD Seller 612.208.0071 2501 Lowry Ave NE St Anthony Village, MN The CD Seller is a functional, must-have item for any performer who sells CDs while performing, especially solo acts."
Shirtz Unlimited 800.728.4291 733 No Snelling Ave St Paul, MN "We do one to a thousand, When you need them."
SiameseEntertainment 612.990.6473 PO Box 8686 Minneapolis, MN
Thiefen Industries 612.384.7172 4061 Beard Ave No Minneapolis, MN Music Apparel and Ideas.
War Room Productions 612.669.2776 2600 Pleasant Ave 202 Minneapolis, MN Representing the songs of Noonan, Murzik, Organ Donor, Secret Panels

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