Record labels in Iowa
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Blue Rhythm Recordings Washinton, IA 52353 Blue Rhythm Recordings was founded by Patrick Hazell in 1978, in Washington, Iowa. As a musician and record producer, Hazell created this label for the recording releases he has subsequently made over the years.
Checkered Kitty Records Mason City, IA 50401
Desruption Records Kiron/Florence Based, IA 51448 Record Label, Accepting all styles of musical artists.
Heart Consort Music Mt Vernon, IA 52314
Hot Fudge Music Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Has helped provide valuable exposure for other regional bands through the use of his highly popular radio shows on Iowa Public Radio and as producer of the highly regarded Iowa Blues compilations for Hot Fudge Music.
Mind’s Ear Music Bloomfield, IA 52537
Mushroom Cloud Records Des Moines, IA 50310
PrairieMusicRecordsLtd Anita, IA 50020
Radio Recordz 245, IA 51101 Radio Records is the new Midwest Hub for music and artists of the next generation.
TrailerRecords Iowa City, IA 52240
Walking Frog Records Oskaloosa, IA 52577 The Walking Frog Records catalog contains select CDs by the world's finest wind bands, period music performers, virtuoso brass and woodwind instrumentalists, percussion groups and jazz ensembles.

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