Instrument repairs in Pennsylvania
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Brass Music Online 412.450.0961 1112 Saint Clair Street Latrobe, PA Download and browse Quintet, Quartet, Trumpet, Euphonium , French horn, Tuba, Trombone and Ensemble sheet music.
Clemmer Music 215.723.4813 764 Harleysville Pike Telford, PA Clemmer Music is Montgomery County’s premier music store, offering the finest in musical instruments, private music lessons, instrument rentals, instrument repairs, sheet music and musical group ensembles.
Endless Music 570.836.7558 26 E Tioga St Tunkhannock, PA Instument store also offering music lessons and instrument repair.
George's Music Stores 610.993.3110 650 W Swedesford Rd Berwyn, PA George's Music Store is the musicians superstore offering a wide variety of musical instruments and accessories.
Harmonica Repair Done Right! by George 573.427.7362.(573.HarpDoc) 1657 MERCER GROVE CITY ROAD MERCER, PA Harmonica Repair Done Right! by George
Iron City Drumworks 412.860.3309 724 Walnut St Crescent, PA The seeds of Iron City Drumworks were sown over thirty years ago, when my mother and father bought me a Sears &Roebuck drum set for my fifth birthday. I think I probably drove them a little crazy with that little kit, banging and flailing on it for hours at a time. I guess some things never change, as the enthusiasm I had for drums and drumming has only gotten stronger over the years. I have been repairing, modifying, and customizing drums for over twenty years now. In 1990 I built my first drum from scratch. Since that time I have worked steadily to develop the craft of drum building. Iron City Drumworks, the company I formed in the year 2000, represents a continuation of that goal. Our mission is straightforward: "To support the musical growth of professional drummers and hobbyist drummers equally. To develop and produce innovative and traditional instruments of impeccable quality. To provide outstanding customer service 100% of the time." We believe by adhering to the following guiding principals, we can achieve, and even surpass, our mission: All craftwork is performed to precise tolerances (typically within 0.003"), resulting in flawless performance and aesthetically stunning instruments. At Iron City Drumworks the pride we take in our products is paramount. We believe that our reputation is our most valuable asset, and that one dissatisfied customer is one too many. Continuous development of new products, based on utility over trend; substance over flash; quality over image can only serve to strengthen the Iron City Drumworks name. Our customers are our most important resource. Only by continuously soliciting input from our fellow musicians can we meet their needs. The day we fail to listen to our customers is the day we fail to meet our mission. We pledge to continue our tradition of craft, as opposed to mass-production, work. We believe that corporate mentalities serve only to quash creativity, and that once a certain critical mass is reached excellence is necessarily lost. As such, we pledge to remain a small focused organization; to pursue excellence over volume. And to stay true to this ideal. My name is Joe Wilkinson. I own Iron City Drumworks. You can count on us for quality products, prices that reflect the value of those products, and customer service second to none. You have my word on it.
Steve Weiss Music 888.659.3477 2324 Wyandotte Rd Willow Grove, PA Steve Weiss Music provides percussion instruments, music and accessories to percussionists around the world.

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