Distributors (music) in New York
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Eagle Vision, Inc. 212.354.1040 22 West 38th St New York, NY
Ellipsis Arts & The Relaxation Co 516.676.4993 PO Box 305 Roslyn, NY
EMG loud pack 716.464.3877 RODNEY BUFFALO, NY
Empire World Entertainment (570).906.1850 839 West End Avenue New York , NY Empire World Entertainment: music artists, dancers, DJs. A one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs.
Entertainment Distribution Company 212.333.8400 1755 Broadway, 4th Floor New York, NY Entertainment Distribution Company (EDC) is one of the world’s largest, fully integrated optical disc manufacturing and distribution providers in the world, headquartered in New York.
Feature.FM 1.646.670.0025 Feature.FM New York City, NY Guarantee your songs are played in streaming services
Gattuso Music 212.766.1007 41 John Street New York, NY Gattuso - GATTÜSO - Gattuso Music - DJ Gattuso
GBRecords 212.581.2468 639 Tenth Ave New York, NY
GGMCP 585.613.5383 416 St Paul Rochester, NY
Hip Hop Friends, Inc 631.236.9023 471 Elmont Rd Elmont, NY In brief, you should know the following about us: HipHopFriends also operates as an independent record label and urban institution. We house a roster of diverse and talented artists, producers, songwriters of all genres. HipHopFriends also provides services to major and other independent record labels such as artists development, distribution, audio and video production, management and consulting. HipHopFriends was established in 2001 as an (S) corporation and currently changed it status as a (C) Corporation as of 2011. HipHopFriends had been responsible for providing outstanding branding, innovative products, media distribution, marketing and promotional services ever since. Our specialty is in the area branding, imaging, new media distribution and cross-cultural market penetration. Our regular clients particularly value our aggressive marketing and promotional strategies.
His & Hers Unsigned Hype 772.203.5388 209 West 40th Street New York, NY Platform gor
His and Hers Unsigned Hype 772.203.5388 209 West 40th Street New York, NY SLOTS ARE LIMITED
Hot Records LLC 212.924.8480 230 West 17th St New York, NY
House of Guitars 585.544.3500 645 Titus Ave Rochester, NY Started by Schaurbroeck and his brothers out of the basement of their mother’s home, House of Guitars® established it’s credibility by stocking the exact instruments played by the Beatles before anyone else. “When the Beatles came to America, we knew what they were playing,” Schaurbroeck said “We knew that George Harrison play a Gretsch Country Gentleman and Vox Amps that weren’t in the United States yet. I made an order to Vox in England, and they shipped them to us. So, we had the first Vox amps that came into the United States.”
J&N Distributors 212.265.1313 766 10th Ave New York, NY

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