Distributors (music) in California
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Cisco Music 818.678.1688 9347 Eton Ave Chatsworth, CA
City Hall Records 415.457.9080 101 Glacier Pt San Rafael, CA City Hall Records is an independently owned and operated national independent music distribution company. Located in San Rafael, California, just North of San Francisco, City Hall does business primarily in the US but also in Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia.
CREATIVE HORIZONS MUSIC PUBLISHERS 818.714.4771 6717 FULTON AVENUE VAN NUYS, CA CREATIVE HORIZONS represents the Broadway musical publishing and performing rights of several artists. Member of ASCAP.
Digital Music Marketing 818.843.5934 Media Center Burbank, CA Digital Music Marketing is a leading provider of high quality internet marketing and digital distribution services.
Disco Azteca Distributors 209.462.1389. 417 East Main St Stockton, CA
Discotecas Linda LLC 323.277.2730 2520 Chambers St Vernon, CA
Disgruntled Music Distribution 323.224.3012 PO Box 862097 Los Angeles, CA
EMI Music Marketing 323.462.6252 1750 No Vine St Hollywood, CA
Engine That Could Promotions 510.547.2521 PO Box 5550 Berkeley, CA
Epictronic 310.555.2345 Epictronic Anywhere, CA Production Company Distribution and Indie Rock Label
Equaknox Entertainment 916.519.1182 7325 30th Street Sacramento, CA Building....."The Network In Neighborhoods Everywhere"
Ernie B’s Reggae Distribution 916.941.1921 PO Box 5019 El Dorado Hills, CA
Eurpac Warehouse Sales 619.423.3409 2402 Main St Chula Vista, CA
ExtraordinaireMedia 707.996.2748 PO Box 2001 Sonoma, CA
Futures Reocrds 342.3424.4234 242 WIlshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA We are a label in the industry . Check us out at www.futuresrecords.com

15 - 30 of 85