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    Add your own custom name to each campaign to help you keep your marketing organized.
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    Musicpage features three different Advertising Campaigns:

    Category Placement - Allows you to place your banner on a specific category page, in a specific location. If you were a recording studio in Arizona and placed a banner in the Recording Studio category on the Arizona Market Page - only people looking for recording studios in Arizona would see your banner.

    Demographic Placement - Allow you to select the exact type of user demographics so that your ad is only seen by the exact person you are looking for.

    At Large Placement - Allows you to run ads at a discounted rate, but you are not able to specify the placement of the banner.

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    Type in the address you want to send users that click your banner.
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    Press the Browse button to navigate to the advertising banner you want to use. All banners must be 190 x 600 skyscraper banners (width x height) in jpeg format. No flash or animated gifs are allowed.

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