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Location Lake Orion, MI


455 Landon Lake Orion MI 48362 United States
PHONE 248.797.8164 www.theprocessonline.com musicpage.com/owensoundmusic


Member since: 06/04/2012 Year Founded: 2001
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Garrick Owen


Gtr Instructor 248.797.8164


Guitar Instructor in the Lake Orion, Oxford, Rochester Hills area accepting students of all ages, beginning to advanced. I can teach you songs, chords, scales, note reading, soloing, alternate tunings, Classical guitar style, melody writing, finger picking and much more. I have been playing guitar over 20 years and have 10 years in teaching experience. I have recorded 8 CD's and 3 DVD's and have been featured in Guitar World and Guitar Player, received Detroit Music Awards. Email or call Garrick for more information or to set up a lesson time 248-797-8164.

I am interested in teaching adults or kids. I will start with the basics and we can get more advanced from there.


-classical guitar

-learn songs from your favorite bands

-Master scales, chords, strum patterns, riffs, picking ideas etc.

-Learn to read tabs or standard notation

-Develop improvisation skills (writing your own guitar solos on the spot)

-Music theory (understand the way music works)

-Music composition


-Have fun jamming

Price: $35 1/2 hr.lesson