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Classical, Adult contemporary, Jazz, Swing Freestyle, Jump Blues More...


San Diego AZ United States

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Neo-classical, Neo-romantic, Jazz, Swing, Pop, Rock

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Michael Howard


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My name is Michael Howard, and I have been composing for about five years now. I started playing piano when I was seven and taught myself by ear. When my first teacher left when I was eight, my second teacher, Jay Melburg, came in and discovered that the only thing my neglectful piano teacher before him taught me was how to play by ear through negligence. This began my real piano career.

I almost quit when I was nine, but Jay introduced me to jazz and the blues. The idea of playing the eighth notes how I wanted to enthralled me. It was my own interpretation. This new discovery eventually led to my love of musicals and eventually my greatest love of all, George Gershwin. His composition style filled me with joy. He didn't care what anyone thought could be done, he simply combined different things that the average person never would and created masterpieces out of them. Rhapsody in Blue is the song that set my sights on finally creating my own work one day and trying to follow in the way of George Gershwin; not caring what people say and experimenting with all styles of music.

When I was 18, I had finally had enough of playing other people's work. Inspiration struck and within two days I had created my first piece. It was Neo-classical, no doubt about that, but it had little bits and pieces from other genres spread throughout the piece. I tried my best to use all of the piano and not stay in the little box that most songs never dared to go outside of. I have 88 keys to work with, and I am not afraid to use them.

My music is about inspiration. It is about finding the perfect chords and melodies to unlock specific emotions inside of people whether they want to or not. Every piece I create is a part of me, whether it is a silly, pop jingle all the way to a 15 minute long movement for my own neo-classical pleasures. I enjoy writing all different kinds of styles and will never shy away from the challenge of creating in a new genre. I invite you to look at my works and feel free to send praise or criticism. All of my work can improve constantly, I am still young and I will never be done making myself better. So please don't hold back anything you have to say, send it at me full force so I can become the great composer and creator that I wish to be.

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