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The Journey began February 26, 2014 as Simply Mary was forced to finally make the decision to flee her life in PA due to complications of Multiple Violations of a Protection Order granted January 14, 2014 in Elk County, PA
With this decision, she had no choice but to “Just figure it out with whatever I had to work with. I was being GPS tracked, my emails hacked, and followed constantly through all of my Social Media Accounts, despite a direct Court Order and 3 contempt charges. There is no law over internet activity when someone uses a fake name unless you can directly tie it to the criminal from what I am repeatedly told.” Says Mary, Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Musician and Founder of the band Simply Mary.
“I have been singing my entire life, that is the only way I know how to get my emotions out for anyone to understand me it seems. I am definitely not a good communicator unless I am playing a piano or a guitar!” as Mary giggles.

Simply Mary began recording the first 8 tracks of her Debut Album - “Freedom Bound” in Pittsburgh, PA nearing the end of February of 2014 under the direction of Producer Dustin Richard Aunkst. As she was attempting to complete her work, her Offender traced her location yet again by electronic means. ( With an Active Standing Protection From Abuse Order in place. ) As the Legal System was not able to prosecute solely on the Electronic Monitoring Violations, she was forced to continue moving Westward, not by choice, but because the Law can only “Legally” do so much.

After relocating several more times, through several locations in the process with Friends and Family, state after state, figuring it all out, city after city. Simply Mary finally settled and began to rebuild her life from nothing by the Middle of April, 2014..Now on the other side of the country, in a new life and a new surrounding, alone and full of fear. “Life was just so unknown for me, of course that is scary. But you can’t let being afraid stop you.” says Mary.

Simply Mary was homeless and not eligible for shelter in a State the incident did not occur in. So this was a trying time. “My friend Jolene set me up out here to be in hiding with a friend of hers as I was figuring out what I was going to do. I took the chance on a stranger and that did not work out. In the end though, it all turned out for the best, and Jolleen was all worried! I told her, everything will be okay, and it was.” Says Mary.

The blessing of meeting Samantha P. at the Cup O’Karma Community Cafe for a Cause in Mesa, AZ ironically, a Domestic Violence Awareness Coffee Shop, was so divine! Samantha was soon to be Mary's next door neighbor who gave her a feeling of much needed stability to push forward to pursue a new life and begin to work toward her goal to cut the album for her 2 children, Shelby and Tom, whom she was forced to separate from in the process, with her new room mate Patricia! She had a support system now in place to continue to pursue to Empower Survivors with some very strong women to help her along the way!

“So many things were happening so fast once I decided to truly 100% follow through with my then ‘Vision’ of my Debut Album Freedom Bound. If it were not for the women in my life, Crystal, Sam and Pat, well, none of this would ever had come to be. I landed in the arms of angels!” says Mary. “This is what I need to do for my children, period. And they allowed this for them!”

My Aha Moment Courtesy of Mutual Of Omaha

Simply Mary slowly but surely developed a 5 piece band by June of 2014, after many days and evenings scouting for musicians to collaborate and work together to bring this vision to life. Each one contributing their own unique talents and skills to compose the remaining parts to each and every one of her 15 original songs!

“It seemed to have come together just to fall apart all over again for me, every single time. Giving up is never an option once you set a goal. My Dad always said, ‘If you start it, you better finish it.’ and so I did!” said Mary.

The Band has shaped and molded to become the final following members to aide the #FreedomBound Team which,” has grown so rapidly but the seeds, truly are with these dedicated members!” Boasts Mary.

Pictured in order from left to right:

Sean Andre - Bass Guitar/Composer/Backing Vocals - Phoenix, AZ
Riqotchez - Percussion/Composer/Backing Vocals - Apache Junction, AZ
Simply Mary - Singer/Songwriter/Composer - Kersey, PA
David Barnard - Drums/Composer/Backing Vocals - Chandler, AZ
Ryan McWilliams - Lead Guitar/Composer - Gilbert, AZ

Each member helped compose and form each song with the same Mission - To Empower Survivors of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. In a very short amount of time the band was performing and making awesome music, before you know it they landed in TallCat Studios, LLC. Phoenix, AZ Recording this Amazing Album!

The Full Band began recording Demo Tracks in August of 2014 in Phoenix, AZ at Baylight Institute of Creative Arts (BICA) in Phoenix with Recording Artist and Producer, Mary Godfrey of The Lotus Band. As she was beginning her Journey of making her own visions come to be reality, a collaboration formed!

Simply Mary began working with Mary Godfrey in her new studio to develop each songs structure and lay them down for the next phase. The project had serious momentum by this time as the band was gigging frequently.

From there, the project expanded to a 15 track album then being Professionally Recorded, Mixed and Mastered beginning in October of 2014 at TallCat Studios in Phoenix, AZ with Producer Tom Whiting and Sound Engineer Nichole Shawn Atchison- “We can’t believe Freedom Bound is set to release in the coming months, seriously, this album was recorded 3 times over in a year! It’s so amazing what it has become!” Cheerfully squeals Mary.

These two releases are rare solo acoustic tracks "Even After My Song" and "By Satan's Hand". These are two of the Original Versions written in the midst of the events that were occurring all along the way which inspired the album. “I am releasing this in a most untraditional way, all the way from Vlogging the Mission on YouTube Visit Simply Mary's YouTube Channel Here: to posting each song as it grew, essentially, I have allowed the fans to grow along with me to this point, all 45,000+ Social Media Music Junkies! That is a reason!

“I can’t believe how much was accomplished and in such a short amount of time! All because of teamwork!” Says Mary Confidently. “If you want to make it anywhere with your music, or merely anything in your life that you are passionate about, you must find like minded individuals or you won’t allow yourself to grow. Working together is a key to success that has no price tag! The secret is to simply share the same vision and work together with the same amount of effort from everyone involved, equally.” Mary added.

Our mission is a sensitive and serious topic. We want to make it clear that there are no "profiles" for victims. You can be a man, a woman, a child, a baby, black, white, Catholic, Jewish, it does not matter. You are all at risk statistically. Domestic Violence and Child Abuse is not just bruises. We are asking everyone to please use the #NotJustBruises to share your story on the Social Networks and bring awareness to that simple fact if you have an experience to share.” Says Mary.

What else can you do to help? The best way to help us is to forward our information to your local radio station and let them know we are on our way with some really amazing material, and if they are interested, we would love a hand in delivering!

Radio Station Creds and Reviews to support our project are important stepping stones for our future, so we are asking for your help in sharing our message. If you are a Member of ASCAP’s Partner - AirPlay Direct, you can find our tracks in a Downloadable Format at :

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