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A-Levels day is one of the most exciting yet crucial day for the ones who are waiting to see their result so that they would know whether they are going to attend university or not. And, it is not the students who are tensed only, their friends, and relatives and, especially, family is much tensed about it. Consequently, many of the parents make such mistakes that they should not make. Following is the list made by research papers help service of three fatal mistakes that you, being a parent, should not make.

1. Not Realizing What You Are Saying:

The very first mistake that most of the parents make after opening the envelope is they do not realize what they are saying. Once the envelope is opened, you must make sure that the gestures or the looks that you are going to give your child must be appropriate. Otherwise, you may have to face a terrible situation.

If his result is good, show how much you are happy and make him proud of himself. On the other hand, you should sympathize and must tell him that he has done well. Also, show some affection and support by telling him that you still love him and going to support him much more.

2. Updating Pathetic Status On Social Media:

One of the worst mistakes that have been seen over the last few years is that parents who are armed with gadgets and social media are updating pathetic and discouraging status on social media platforms without realizing that it is not their child only who is using it. There are others too and some of them may be his friends.

Updating such status may create worst situation for your child to survive. Therefore, if you cannot hold your emotions inside, then tell him what you think about his result on his face instead of social media platform.

3. Comparing Your Child:

Another worst mistake that can ruin your child’s happiness and joy is comparing him with his friend, cousin or anyone else. It is because everyone has its own goods and bads and the result that he got is his best –at least for him.

Therefore, you should not taunt him by saying such statements “We are glad that you have done as good as 10 year old boy in third world country.” Such statements will demoralize your child and he may lose his self-confidence too.


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