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The Music Ops Board (MOB) is home of independent music licensing and music promotion opportunities.

Music supervisors and others who work in music supervision post ads here when they need songs in movies, TV music, music for advertising, film music and other music license or sync license gigs.

If you ever wondered how do I sync tunes, how do I get my song to music publishers, played as background music for video, music on tv or access to music licensing companies, you came to the right place.

We allow you to find sync needs and open music submissions for paying Music licensing deals (music in film, music for movies, etc.) and synchronization license gigs that pay thousands of dollars.

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TV Music Licensing

$300 - $30,000
Nov 30, 2019

As a Sync Licensing Agent / Music Publisher we are widening our catalogue need to meet the increased demand for multiple genres. The only key criteria is - it has to be fresh! If you have released anything original, we want to hear it! GET YOUR MUSIC IN! We work directly with a host of Music ...