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Music supervisors and others who work in music supervision post ads here when they need songs in movies, TV music, music for advertising, film music and other music license or sync license gigs.

If you ever wondered how do I sync tunes, how do I get my song to music publishers, played as background music for video, music on tv or access to music licensing companies, you came to the right place.

We allow you to find sync needs and open music submissions for paying Music licensing deals (music in film, music for movies, etc.) and synchronization license gigs that pay thousands of dollars.

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Music Industry Opportunities for Musicians

Get your music or video on TV!

TV Music Licensing

Sep 15, 2018

The ever changing platform of music. By now most artist and indie labels should know streaming is the major payout of music royalties. Downloads have decreased and consumers are looking more into streaming their favorite song off platforms such as spotify, tidal and apple music and more. Music Vide ...

Dance Game needs YouTube artist (music tracks and YouTube videos)

Video Game Music Licensing

$1,500 - $50,000 We will pay a license fee per system sold
Oct 15, 2018

Fun, Physical, Fits in Your Pocket! - Games for Your Mobile Device (Patent Pending): DigiBit is an “Arcade in Your Pocket”. The first wearable Augmented or Virtual Reality game system that uses your body motion as game input, through small, wearable clip-on devices. Using movement as input enco ...